How long does it take to get a 31 order?

How long does it take to get a 31 order?

Our warehouse will process and ship orders Monday through Friday. Given that your order is not set to hold by our fraud prevention team, your order should be shipped within 1-2 business days. Please note that all orders will ship the following business day from completing your payment.

Is 31 bags a pyramid scheme?

Now a year later and a year wiser, I am finally able to admit that Thirty One Gifts isn’t a great opportunity for women (unless you are Cindy Monroe or one of her cronies and are living high off the hog). It is nothing more than a pyramid Mass Level Marketing scheme.

How much does a 31 consultant make?

As of May 14, 2021, the average annual pay for a Thirty One Consultant in the United States is $75,861 a year.

Is selling 31 worth it?

Overall, this is not a bad direct sales company compared to some others. The start-up cost is reasonable and you get lots of stuff for it, plus the products are really nice and I can see how they would easily sell themselves. I personally own a few Thirty One bags and can speak for their quality and design.

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Why is it called 31 bags?

Why the name Thirty-One? Thirty-One’s name is derived from Proverbs 31 of the Bible which describes a virtuous woman who exhibits hard work, wisdom, encouragement & care for others. Because of these qualities, she is worthy of reward, honor & praise. Thirty-One is more than just a company.

How do you get paid with thirty one?

Consultants are paid twice monthly. Commission from orders and parties from the 1st -15th of the month is paid on the 25th of the same month and commission from orders and parties from the 16th – end of month is paid on the 10th of the following month.

Are 31 bags made in China?

Thirty-One has 2,000 employees in four facilities at Easton, in Johnstown and in Springfield. Bag production is handled in China, but customizing is done here.

Are 31 bags Made in USA?

ALL of Longaberger’s products, Yes, handbags will be produced in the USA Most textile (purse) companies have their products made in China and finished here. Thirty one gifts(my company), Initials Inc, Gigi Hill, etc all have this in common.

Who started 31 bags?

Cindy Monroe

Is 31 gifts a MLM?

Thirty One Gifts is an MLM company selling women’s clothes, apparels, and accessories.

How many 31 consultants are there?

“We’re really excited to be back and have a lot of new elements this year,” said Michelle Harris, director of events for Thirty-One Gifts. “There are 11,000 consultants attending and more are still registering.”

Can you make money selling 31 bags?

You can start selling Thirty-One products and earning 25% commission the same day that you sign up! Commission is paid twice per month.

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How do I stop being a 31 consultant?

As a Consultant, you may terminate your Consultant Agreement at any time by submitting this Consultant Self-Termination form. Your self-termination will be effective on the first day of the month following the date the form is received by the Home Office.

Can I machine wash my 31 bag?

Yes Thirty-One can be washed. Our totes are made to last and they do get dirty. For more instructions on how to clean our items, contact me at

Can you put 31 bags in the dryer?

Since the majority of them are cloth, test it will get dirty easily if you aren’t careful but if you throw it in the washing machine, it should be fine. The Best Way to Clean Your Reusable Grocery Bags Just toss them in the washing machine and launder in hot water with detergent. Then, run them through the dryer.

How do you clean a tote bag?

The best way to clean your canvas bag is to wash it by hand with a mild detergent or another cleaning solution like talcum powder or cornstarch. Wipe it gently with a damp, warm, white towel and allow it to air dry for the best results.

Can I wash my tote bag?

Since most non-plastic totes can be thrown into your washer, they’re super easy to wash. Make sure you use a mild detergent to clean your totes. However, if your tote has any embellishments, including beads, buttons, leather, metal, sequins, or a water-colored print, you should hand wash only.

Can you machine wash a canvas bag?

Yes, they can. However, please do not put your canvas bags in the washing machine. Instead, you can spot-clean canvas tote bags as needed with mild and safe cleaning ingredients. To wash your canvas bag, you’ll need a damp washcloth, cold water, and some soap.

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How do I protect my canvas bag?

One of the easiest ways to waterproof your canvas bags is to use waterproofing sprays and seam sealers. You can usually find them at outdoor and camping supply stores. If you will use your canvas bag a lot in an outdoor environment, you may want to sun-proof it as well by buying a spray also containing UV protection.

Is it OK to wash leather bags?

To clean the leather, mix a solution of warm water and dish soap, dip a soft cloth into it, wring it out and wipe the exterior surfaces of the purse. Use a second clean, damp cloth to wipe off the soap. Dry with a towel. Warm, soapy water will also remove water stains and scuffs.

How do you Unshrink a tote bag?

To unshrink most clothing, soak the item in a solution of lukewarm water and a capful of baby shampoo. Gently knead the item with your hands to help relax the fibers. Gently pat or roll dry with a towel, and then use your hands to gently stretch the item out to its original size. Then air dry.

Do tote bags shrink?

Cotton tote bags are highly prone to shrinking, so it’s really important to avoid the use of warm or hot water. For that reason, you also shouldn’t put tote bags in the dryer — even on a low-heat setting, they’ll be likely to shrink.

Why do tote bags shrink?

Once your bag is washed, it’s time to dry it. Since most canvas bags are cotton, it’s best to avoid tossing them into a drier. The heat from a drier can cause the bag to shrink, making it lose its shape.