How do you use UWorld effectively?

How do you use UWorld effectively?

So, here are the tips on how to use UWorld effectively:

  1. Write Down Your Notes.
  2. Make Sure You’ve Reviewed Each Question Well.
  3. Double Check The Questions You Create.
  4. Start Slow.
  5. One Block, One Topic.
  6. Staying On Tutor Mode All The Time.
  7. Skipping Questions.
  8. Delaying Question Blocks.

Is UWorld Biochem harder?

UW biochem questions were definitely harder than the biochem questions on my test. They are good preparation however.

Can I Screenshot Uworld questions?

UW will not allow you to take screenshots, and will actually close if you take too many.

Can you print out Uworld flashcards?

Unfortunately, flash cards cannot be printed out as they contain intellectual property of UWorld.”

Can I copy and paste from Uworld?

You can copy/paste when UWorld is open, but not while an actual exam is open.

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How do I copy text from UWorld?

While reviewing a question in Uworld:

  1. Have uworld in non-full screen taking up the left half of your screen (windows key + left keyboard button), and have a word processor taking up the right half.
  2. click Notes.
  3. click and drag to highlight the text you want to copy.

How do you make UWorld flashcards?

As you are going through questions, you should have the option to highlight text and/or select images, and then be given the option to make a flashcard. It will appear in the form of a lightning bolt icon. Once you’ve created flash cards in this way, they should show up in your deck.

Can I upgrade UWorld?

You may request to upgrade or downgrade your subscription purchase as long as it has not been activated. If you purchase a combination package, all included subscriptions must be unused. Please be advised that current subscription pricing will apply.

How much does a UWorld renewal cost?

I’m preparing to take the NCLEX in January, and would like to purchase a Uworld subscription. 30 days costs $79, while 60 days is $109.

Is UWorld enough for medicine shelf?

Yup, UW should be enough if you treat it like a textbook. Supplement with OME, MTB, or SU2M if you like videos or reading review books. When CK study time rolls around just reset it and go through it again, UWORLD is best used as a textbook anyway and a second pass through the material helps a lot.

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Is UWorld enough for Obgyn shelf?

just to update anyone else who has this question in the future, uworld is 100% enough to at least pass the shelf. If you want to do better, push yourself to do apgo.

What is a good shelf exam score?

A student must receive a minimum overall score of at least ≥ 56, an NBME Shelf Exam score > 5th percentile, an SP Exam score >2 SD below the mean to be eligible for a Pass.

Is Step 2 easier than shelf exams?

They’re essentially the same. You won’t have any “matching” type questions on Step 2 though. There’s some correlation, but you can score well if you dedicate yourself towards Step 2 studying. I was an average student on my shelf exams but did very well on Step 2.

When should I study for Step 2 CK?

When Should I Take Step 2 CK? Given that clinical experiences are so key to Step 2 CK-relevant knowledge, if at all possible, you should aim to take Step 2 within 6 months of finishing your core clinical rotations.