How do I transfer to ODU?

How do I transfer to ODU?

To have a shot at transferring into ODU Old Dominion, you should have a current GPA of at least 3.34 – ideally you’re GPA will be around 3.47. In addition, you will need to submit standardized test scores.

How many credits do you need to transfer to ODU?

15 credit hours

Will my credits transfer to ODU?

Transfer Course Equivalencies. The ODU Admissions Office evaluates transfer credits received from other institutions in order to apply them to a student’s transcript. To see how credit from another institution will transfer to ODU, visit Monarch Transfermation, our online transfer equivalency database.

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Does ODU accept AP credit?

Old Dominion University recognizes the rigor and challenge of the Advanced Placement (AP) program. Advanced standing credit is awarded to students who earn qualifying scores on the exam(s).

Does Virginia Tech accept AP credits?

Does VT accept AP/Dual Enrollment/IB Credits from high school? We accept up to 38 credits of AP or IB credit, and we accept up to 60 credits of dual enrollment classes through a community college. Learn more about transferring credits.

Does ODU accept dual credit?

Dual enrollment is treated the same as any other transfer credit. Please make sure to have official transcripts from the appropriate institution sent to ODU. To see how your credits will be accepted at ODU, use Monarch TRANSFERmation.

Does ODU accept CLEP?

If a CLEP exam is available for the course you want to challenge, and Old Dominion University accepts it for credit, the CLEP exam is the only option you may use. CLEP exams are not administered through the Office of Prior Learning Assessment, but rather the Credentialing Center.

What is considered full time at ODU?

The University considers the carrying of 12 or more credit hours during the fall and spring semesters to be full time for undergraduate students; 15 hours is considered a normal course load.

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What is Deans List ODU?

The Dean’s List is announced at the end of each term. Any undergraduate student taking 12 or more hours of degree credit for grade point credit who attains a grade point average of 3.40 or higher with no grade below C (2.00) is placed on the Dean’s list.

What is AC at ODU?

System of Grading

Grade Grade Points Undergraduate
C 2.00 Satisfactory
C- 1.70 Passing
D+ 1.30 Passing
D 1.00 Passing

How many credits can I take in the summer ODU?

Students must be enrolled in nine credits per semester to be considered a full time graduate student at ODU. In a summer session, six credit hours are considered a full load.

Will ODU summer classes be online?

Nearly 1,500 on campus and online courses are offered in the summer. ODU students enrolled in summer classes benefit from flexible course schedules, instruction from world-class faculty and remote learning opportunities. Use Leo Online for registration, scheduling or to make payment online.

How much are summer classes at ODU?

This is the official site for tuition rates.

In State Rate Out of State Rate
$360.00 (per credit hour) $1,032.00 (per credit hour)
$551.00 (per credit hour) $1,387.00 (per credit hour)

How much does ODU charge per credit hour?

How much does a semester cost at ODU?

In State Virginia Resident Sticker Price

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Fee Cost
Tuition $7,029
Books and Supplies $1,300
Other Fees $3,651
Room and Board $12,090

Is University of Richmond a dry campus?

“For the typical, everyday life of a student, the campus is still considered dry,” O’Cain said. Because Furman and Richmond are both competitive schools with difficult academic programs, students who are concerned only about drinking tend not to apply, O’Cain said.