How and why to set up a stair ?

Comment et pourquoi mettre en place un monte escalier ?

Different challenges of life can sometimes reduce your mobility and constitute a real obstacle to your travels. Living in a house where access to your room or the sitting room is conditioned by a staircase, then rapidly becomes blocking. The installation of a stairlift power is an effective solution to make your life easier. How to set up this device ? Right of reply to the rest of the article.

Why put in place a stair lift ?

The wheelchair stair lift is a device that is very convenient, which provides assistance to elderly and/or whose mobility is significantly reduced. The implementation of a stair allows you to :

  • To solve mobility problems of senior citizens ;
  • Avoid falls and other risks posed by the stairs ;
  • Ensure the safety of the elderly and disabled ;
  • Propose an alternative to the installation of an elevator or other equipment is much more expensive.

These reasons allow to better understand the need to accommodate a wheelchair stair lift in a home.

Chair stair lift : for which category of people ?

The wheelchair stair lift help to solve different problems of mobility, which can be diagnosed in a variety of individuals. They are mainly :

  • People who are dependent

This dependence may be due to a work accident, a serious injury, a disability, or a disease becoming disabling.

  • Individuals that are independent but hampered in their movements

This category includes both individuals who suffer from muscle fatigue because of the stairs, others who do not support the length of your staircase, or even people phobic.

  • Elderly people

These individuals, in aging, to withstand more difficult the effort required by the ascent and descent of the stairs. Their mobility is also reduced, hence the need to use a wheelchair stair lift.


How to install a wheelchair stair lift ?

The chair is a device useful and safe. Before installation, be sure to choose the model most suitable to his needs and to his house. Opt for a stair within one must consider a few criteria. In fact, it needs to integrate various aspects, including the financial factor, the structuring of your house or your mobility constraints.

Installing a stair lift is not so complex. Most suppliers include the cost of installation when preparing their quote. In some cases, the technicians can alter the structure of the staircase if it is too tilted.

The installer will begin by the pre-assembly of the different elements of the rail, as well as the fixing of the latter to the different steps of your staircase. When this task is done, the engine is installed, and then, finally, the wheelchair. Several tests are then performed to ensure the proper functioning of the device.