Higher wages for nurses

Höhere Löhne für Pflegekräfte

The professionals in the nursing field a lot and get little. But what changes are realistic? And what is the nurses ‘ self-challenge?

The care also remains important in the future

The Federal Republic of Germany has a first Problem: Young people are missing professions in the care, while at the same time, the demand for trained professionals continues to increase. The wages are low and working conditions are sometimes unacceptable. Nursing staff costs in relation to their services rendered downright outrageous little. Adequate wages is likely to mean for the employer is not a great expense when you consider what a full-time caregiver is doing everything in one day. Below-average wages, however, are not even the biggest Problem, to fight with the nursing Guild.

The Part-Time Trap

It is thoughtful, when you see that a large part of the workforce in nursing facilities, only works part-time, not because they were in search of a half-time position, but because the work is either too exhausting or a full-time position by the employer simply will not be funded! The wages of most part-time jobs in the care sector is, therefore, quite low. In the result, the much-needed talent no longer remains, then, unfortunately, because of the Jobs appear to be simply attractive. A lot of nurses are over 50 and old homes are now occupied. So there must happen something! The socially committed parties to the Bundestag election in the debt!

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