health insurance and your funds

Actually, I was hoping not to have to about this subject “reports” – But it leaves me (like many others) have no peace. Really think I came when I got an eMail from a very dedicated blog readers. This is a quite interesting Link, more precisely a (in my opinion) quite a successful blog article: competitions of the health insurance funds, despite the chronic money shortage (9 was. June, 2010).

Remember: Alone for the football world Cup offered pretty much any health insurance sweepstakes to win of X-Thousand Euro, trips to South Africa, property prices, etc. is Hardly a health insurance company offered something typical to what health insurance companies actually support (or supports) such as, for example, a doctor treatment, any therapies such as back schools, etc. Even if these things swallowed plenty of money, do the health insurance companies with such a “Win” better for their “customers” than any travel to any where else. Furthermore, many health insurance companies with partner programs, such as “recruit new members and win a dream trip for two to Timbuktu or to the edge of the world.

The applications of the winning play and co. not only cause costs for travel, advertising and other prices, but also the working time of many employees, which could use it (and so I don’t think alone) and significantly better / more effective. Members (can)to advertise, in my opinion, differently, such as with a friendly and knowledgeable customer service!

Conclusion: Now I know at least what the numerous head-lump sum additional contributions of the members to be used For pointless sweepstakes and expensive premiums ? It is a great feeling, to other people something good to do, a trip finances or even several…

Criticism and improvements / additions as a comment.