greeting from the management

We maintain Hamburg! This is because, with approximately 405.000 patients in the year, the Asklepios are Hamburg hospitals, the largest healthcare company in the Hanseatic city. Every second Hamburg hospital patient decides for us. In our seven clinics, we employ more than 2000 Doctors and therapists – and three Times as many nurses.

The engine of the clinic’s operations

Our patients are cared for 24 hours well, that’s what our nearly 6000 care instrumental forces. They are available around the clock, always approachable and concerned about the Welfare of the sick. They are the engine of the clinic’s operations. And because their work is so essential, and your commitment to our patients is so valuable, we draw this Blog to focus on you. What makes your everyday life? How do you work? What moves you? Here are our six care ambassadors with insights into their working day. You give the care a face in Hamburg. And this Blog gives them a voice.

“We maintain Hamburg” also provides a platform for all who are Interested in the profession of a nurse. The profession offers many advantages. A crisis-proof job, for example, nurses are looking for. The pay is comparatively good, especially in clinics: specialists of the health and care of the elderly earn in hospitals up to a third more than in the case of outpatient care services, and 20 percent more than in inpatient care. Our nurses have to agree to the Chance, work and family: child care in plant nurseries, part-time solutions and have a say in the service plan, for example, are very important to us.

People at the heart of

In our clinics focus on the human being. This applies to both our patients and our employees. The care of our patients requires Doctors and nurses a lot. Empathy, powers of observation, talent for organization and creativity are important components in everyday work, both for the patients and families of care and nursing staff are important contact persons. The personal fates of the sick, experiences and encounters, all of this is part of – and engaged our employees frequently, even after the end of the shift. A nurse is more than a profession.

We know what our nurses. And we are proud of it. Therefore, we let our heroes come to the clinic everyday to come here.

Anja Rhode, managing Director/working Director of the Asklepios clinics Hamburg

Dr. Thomas Wolfram, managing Director and speaker of the Asklepios clinics Hamburg

Dr. Christoph Mahnke, managing Director of Asklepios Kliniken Hamburg