exam tips for health and nursing: How will I learn?!


You want to nurse? Here I give You tips on how You overcome the learning material and the exam can do!

The training of the nurse lasts three years. A block is divided in theory and in practice, an average of a Block of four weeks. The theory is held in the education centre for health professions, Hamburg (BZG). And the practical part of the clinics in one of the Asklepios, on different stations.

After three years, it is so far. Everything you need to Know is reviewed and tested: All the topics from the learning areas of social Sciences, jurisprudence, anatomy, Pathology, health Sciences and nursing Sciences. And, of course, the practical skills in the care will be examined in the hospital. The exam consists of three Parts: A practical examination, a written and an oral part.

You don’t pass a part through You’ll fall and have to repeat the exam after a few months. You are allowed to repeat only once. Fail it a second Time, then You should prefer to fall a second Time.

I have tried many different methods of learning and here is my personal formula for success.

Visually? Auditory? Haptically? All!

I’ve tried in the school the variety of learning methods. I did this very enthusiastic, but also critical. I wanted to check how well the learning methods really are. In the training, the topic of “learning to learn”, and I have looked again carefully. It is clear to me, that the learning methods are not suitable from the school for the learning material of the training perfectly. So I started to try New things.

I started with index cards. It reads first in the topic. You’re forced to deal exactly with the subject matter, a clear structure. You have to understand the topic, to be able to it in your own words on index cards. That is very expensive and time-consuming. The result, however, it is worth it. After You have processed have a subject and Your cards are satisfied, You can do it often, everywhere, and quickly repeat.

A huge Problem in Learning, no matter how good the learning method is, is boredom. Not every topic attracts You equally, there are times even now less interesting and drier topics. This is exactly why I’ve started to use a different method of learning.

A lot of reading for health care professionals and nurses

It is important to use multiple sources. Your documents and transcripts from the lessons, a variety of teaching books and the Internet. The same theme from three to four different sources to read, and covers key issues from multiple perspectives. The repetitive reading of the same substance helps of course also that of Knowledge. I recommend both medicine embossed as well as care to make use of embossed books. On the Internet there are numerous very good sites. I use mainly the following:

And of course Wikipedia.

To summarize

After reading the structure of the topic in small Headings. In the case of all diseases, according to the so-called “THIRST”-principle: Definition and diagnosis, causes, risk groups, risk factors, signs and symptoms (complications) and therapy. Best You write the sub-points, each on index cards. At this point, You can use very well already written exams. This will give You clear guidance on what could come in the written examinations at the end of it.

Go through

Now imagine You’re holding a lecture. Is Your Audience? The critical You! Get Your index cards, keep an eye on completeness and comprehensibility. One keep on Repeating a sequence of your cards, so that even the unpopular topics are sure at some point in the series. To determine try, to cards, repeat. As the mother of the learning success is Repeat!

The something other kind of repetition

YouTube not only offers entertainment. The page is also used by many as a platform for instructional videos. Look at each topic according to whether there is something Suitable on YouTube. You can also on days when You’re listless or a little time, thanks to the instructional videos a small repeat unit loading. You’re not going to any topic of the training to be a nurse, find a Video.

You can also a good Alternative to index cards to produce – with very little effort. Create Your own personal audio files! You go through Your index cards out loud and record Your voice.

This is quite easy with the following program, which You can download here on the side of the IT news magazine Heise free. Alternative programs or Apps are just as good. Even the most extensive topics are taken up in a few minutes. So you can after Your own health, and nurses-creating a Playlist. So that You can everywhere and always repeat it, whether at home, before bed, on the toilet or on the Bus – very easy and fast. You can use this method in a few minutes several topics.

Learning groups

I can learn most effectively alone. Especially when you read, summarize, and index cards to create and Repeat I need quiet. At a certain point in a learning group, however, is much more effective. With a Cup of tea or coffee, you can query each other, or topics to introduce. While discussing a certain topic, often good questions, and together, the gaps are quickly closed. Here, You will be forced to present Your Knowledge about a topic completely. After that, You’ll feel safer and more confident. The perfect preparation for the oral exams.

With the exam, You will receive the permit for the management of the protected professional title of nurse!

Photo: Farshid Ahmadi