do you Know the code of ethics for nurses ?

The profession of nursing is a profession regulated as is the Profession of lawyer or physician. These professions are governed by an Order of their own, in the case of nurses it is the Nurses. This Order brought together in the Council of the Order is worn on the draft Code of Ethics for the profession published in the Official Journal in November 2016, here’s what you need to remember.

A profession that is empowered and reassured

The Code of Conduct was intended to “regulate” but not only that, he gives the nurse at the heart of the health system by providing answers to the profession having undergone some discomfort (suicide, burnout, lack of recognition and a lack of personal…). The professional rules from the Ministry of Health in 1993, are obsolete and have been replaced, are deemed to be more relevant.

A form of reinsurance, which comes to reaffirm the profession according to the ONI (National Order of Nurses). Applied by decree, the code of conduct is also and especially in reference to the different statutes which are here framed by common rules that have been thought up and written by nurses and for nurses.

The code of ethics for nursing in a few points

If we look more closely at this code of conduct brings together in one document the rights and duties of all nurses. For example, on the slippage of tasks in the hospital environment that may be detrimental to the safety of the patient, nurses can now, by invoking article 10 of the code of ethics oppose.

For nurses, thanks to article 46 of the code of ethics for nurses, the rights to the training of nurses should be respected. The code of ethics, protects the nurses by making them more autonomous and better-recognized, better responding as well to the evolution of the profession and expectations for the level of care. Finally, this code is available in its entirety on the website of the College of nursing