Director care

Like, we don’t have enough of the administrators of custody. So let’s honor them by writing a few lines…

Director of care, that is what it is ?

On weekends and holidays, the hospital does not think that the continuity of care, but also in the continuous presence of an administrative hierarchy and a direction. Even if to my knowledge it has no real regulation on their role, their missions are quite extensive.

He must intervene, and respond to emergencies (non-medical), ensuring the functioning of the hospital, to ensure that the replacement staff in case of need, to be able to go and get drugs to the outside in case of need, respond to the problems both physical and verbal on his employees, to the possibility of implementing an emergency plan and host in his establishment, etc… Composed of members of the management (the director of the hospital, director of care, assistant director…), it is sometimes exposed legally in the light of its decisions or actions that may cause harm. It is therefore sometimes not easy ! For my part, I have called both the director of care for a problem of violence, I believe that I had done an article elsewhere.

Yes but now, we know that sometimes, the members of the management are not aware of the reality on the ground / of the service. Except maybe the director of care, it is self-evident.

But when you have an attached officer who made the role of director of care on your weekend, everything can go wrong. Especially when one knows the “skill” and the way of thoughts of this person.

In my case, this happens even today. A health care aide not feeling well and went to the end of its resources in order to carry out the bulk of the work asks us if she can leave early. Seeing his state, we prefer that she goes to rest. First problem, who will finish the day ? The second health care aide which began at 6: 45 a.m. and to end at 18: 30 sees, therefore, having to lengthen his day to finish at 21.15. And who to do the replacement the next day ? The second health care aide seeing that started at 6: 45 a.m. of the next day again… (And again Monday it will revise 12PM).

My colleague and I decide to call the director of care to prevent it and help us to find reinforcements. On the phone, first step, explain the problem. Second step, explain the operation of the service. Third step, explain the schedules. Yes, we note once more that the administrator‘s don’t necessarily know how to start their own hospital, they fall sometimes the naked.

Well, first thing, what is the workload of the service ? A nurse and a health care aide may be enough right ? Non madame, 15 toilets, we need reinforcements. Right and the second nurse ? It comes to type 12 h, he wants to help tomorrow, but it is not going to make 15 pm tomorrow eh. So from 18 h there will still not help-a carer up to 21 h. good Good… And service agents ? Uh yes… They are how many ? Two.. Until noon.. Right now, they are going to help. Uh madam, a service agent does not have to touch a patient ! He has neither the training nor the responsibility to deal with the work of the caregiver ! It is not in a reportage camera hidden in a retirement home ! (and paf.). (…) And then it tells you not to use the personal of other services ? Not because we (our service) will always be a solution but nobody comes to help us for us ! (Some people consider our service to be too heavy both by patients and by care). Oh bah, they have enough to do that, it is not their problem. Well, not necessarily ! You prefer that a ASH to do the job, logic. Well, I’m going to call the health care aide night that she come earlier. Good idea to lengthen his night of 2h, and if you could avoid the call this morning because she still worked all night, and in my humble opinion, she should sleep at this hour if. Good madam, we will démerder eh, thanks anyway your help is so precious.

Result, we managed to find a health care aide of our service that was to rest tomorrow and who is going to come in and work 12 H. Ah the public service… That of sacrifice.

Conclusion, I have had to deal with an administrator of guard not knowing the role of the personnel, functioning hours, the number of staff in place, the workload and how it is made, etc etc… Fortunately they are not all like that, others are competent and can react quickly, doing everything you can to help the staff.

As they say : “at each level of the hierarchy, it was the ball and chain “.