diagnosis of solitude: What is it that makes these power robbers life-threatening

Diagnosis loneliness: What is it that makes these power robbers life-threatening

We live in an age of increasing loneliness. This has nothing to do with “self-determination” or other retreats, but is now a serious phenomenon, which particularly affects vulnerable Elderly and care, but not only.

According to Manfred Spitzer, who has devoted a whole book, go back to empathy, compassion and cooperation in our society more and more. This loneliness makes Stress: evidence of loneliness, triggering feelings of pain in the same area of the Brain, as shown by Combustion. The close connection between the body and the spirit in this case is anything other than a gift. Studies of the University of New York, have shown that loneliness, our longevity can reduce up to 70%. It increases the risk of stroke or heart disease by 30%. So it is not just a feeling, because loneliness is exhausting and robs you of (life) energy.

How to go for care emergency & co.

The Only thing that really helps against loneliness, human heat, which is generated by a real vicinity. But how to go for care and support workers, which is not often speak our language sufficiently to have close to, or in the case of all the lack of time and the Overload of the care services. How to close to grow without time for each other? You can twist and turn as you want, it always hits the Weakest in society. The Old and sick, not from its own power via the App changes to the next “tea party” to beam can. A majority of the elderly person has experienced, how it is approached in a community. You are needed and cared for each other, has agreed to Play each other regularly visited, and in the eyes looked. It was laughed, and celebrated, in the Arm – was present. But times are changing. Some friends die, or adopt in the course of time. It is so quiet, until we feel lonely. A feeling that makes you deeply sad. But the heart does not cry just quietly, it also falls ill, and the will to live.

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A task which concerns all of something

It is an important decision to make, so that has to be made: How do I live and how I imagine the last section of my life?: In a 1:1 support as the Federal care-wide service HUMANIS, I know my maintenance person, you will not change continuously if possible and with the by the the-clock care real close to can-arise -? Or in the case of a nursing service, the staff, of necessity, the most Important thing rushed to do and no time for anything else? With constantly changing personnel, with communication difficulties, with poor training?

A decision that affects every patient, but also the society and politics. The latter “works” for years – unfortunately in vain. Because of the current Status quo, as fellow human beings cared for in this country, is neither for the poor nor for the nurses even close to decent.

by Adriano Pierobon, Gerontologist (FH), MBAIn General