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Zahnersatz für Senioren – Auch im Alter herzhaft zubeißenThe topics of dentures and dental prosthesis in the elderly is relevant, because there are often special problems and the dentist must be very careful in order to achieve the cooperation of the patient good success. The proportion of seniors and the elderly is constantly increasing in the total population.

However, despite the success of the prophylaxis of caries and periodontal disease, dentists do not need to particularly address the case of old people is often the Problem, the subject of dentures and denture comprehensive. This is because, with increasing age, the number of fully-functioning teeth decreases more and more.

Many teeth are so heavily affected by tooth decay, you may need to be pulled or crowned. Very often the teeth of a root canal treatment must be subjected, and the variety of bridges and crowns in the mouth, many fully or partially functional remaining teeth must be ground down. Many seniors, therefore, have a greatly reduced inventory in the teeth; some of the older people on one or both jaws, no Teeth.

Care options for older people with severely reduced Dentition

In this Situation, a comprehensive reconnaissance to the dentist is necessary, in order to make the old people with your problem trusted. Gently needs to be talked about, whether the traditional step-by-step approach is still appropriate, if more and more of teeth or the entire Dentition in one or both jaws is significantly reduced. Some of the good teeth on both jaws are still present, then you often have good perspectives for the permanent tooth replacement.

Zahnersatz für Senioren – Auch im Alter herzhaft zubeißenThe dentist is in good health, these teeth can still be used for a long time. They should represent the most important anchor points for the permanent dentures, may still be individual tooth need to set implants (artificial teeth with a new root), and older bridges or crowns to be replaced, the Teeth, overall, a longer-term stability. It is of advantage if the dentist has a lot of experience.

Partial denture and full denture with a significantly lower Dentition

If this strategy can not attack, because there are not enough healthy teeth are available, then it must be discussed whether or not a partial or a full denture is needed. Also, for the partial denture, some teeth, or possibly new implants are needed to secure the dental prosthesis with the necessary stability. These teeth or dentures must be treated properly so that the part of the prosthesis gets a good anchorage.

Other teeth that are not necessary for the anchoring can be capped so that their long-term durability. All the teeth of one jaw or of both jaws, however, are lost, then a full denture is needed. This therapy is successfully implemented when the edentulous jaw ridges well formed.

Healthy diet and proper dental care throughout the ages

The best Alternative for a long-term, well-functioning Teeth to your own teeth. You remain healthy if even in old age increasingly on a well-balanced and healthy food is taken care of. The oral hygiene should, in particular, in the age of high importance.

Several times a day, preferably after each meal, you should clean the teeth. Regular check-UPS and annual or semi-annual removal of Tartar are the guarantors to ensure that a prosthesis in old age can be avoided.

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