dental Implant : the solution to dental caries

The dental implant becomes a solution increasingly used by dentists who have had to extract one or more of your teeth to help you regain a beautiful smile. What is it ? In what cases is it asked ? What are its advantages and disadvantages ? We will reveal to you all of the dental care !

Definition of a dental implant

The dental implant is defined as an artificial root which is put in the place of the root of the natural tooth when it has not been able to be saved and allows you to support a prosthetic device. It plays the role of intermediary between the latter and the jaw.

His pose is complex and can only be performed by a dentist specialized in this field. If you need a dental implant to the Defence, the centre-DNA is able to ensure the placement and follow-up.

Concretely, the implant is in the form of a metal rod which can measure 10 to 15 mm and is made of titanium, a material which is biocompatible and which avoids any risk of rejection.

In which case asking such a ?

If the dental implant is the solution to regain a beautiful smile as explained on it is laid in very specific cases.

When you have a cavity, if it is not treated in time, it will deteriorate your tooth from the outside to the inside ending in the tissue. It then becomes very difficult for your dentist to save your tooth. Then there is sometimes no other choice than having to remove it.

Implant dentaire : la solution des caries dentaires

It is the most common case, requiring the placement of a dental implant but this is not the only one. It can also be used to replace a removable denture or to prevent the latter from moving. And, it is also recommended in the case of some malformations such as agenesis dental which is characterized by an incomplete dentition which may be due to a decision of treatment or because of genetic factors.

In all cases where a tooth is missing entirely, make an installation of dental implants in the Defence is the best solution to help you regain a beautiful smile in a sustainable manner.

The advantages and disadvantages of this dental care

If the dental implant meeting a great success it is because it has many benefits. First of all it is a sustainable solution. In fact, it supports all the forces of mastication, shows itself to be resistant to the contact of the saliva, the gum line… which gives it a good shelf life, and that in the end, it is less expensive than a set of dentures, you will need replacement more regularly. Of folds, it provides a rate of success very interesting the order of 95 %.

Implant dentaire : la solution des caries dentaires

Another advantage is that completely replaces the missing tooth without touching the adjacent teeth which are perfectly preserved.

In addition, it allows the patient to enjoy a good comfort and it is also more aesthetic and more natural. Very important aspects to make you feel good and dare to smile without any complex, such as the highlights this page.

Finally, from a maintenance standpoint, it requires little, if that is not an oral hygiene rigorously.

For cons, the dental implant in this little part from the fact that it requires more intervention by your dentist since the screw will be placed into your jaw and then a time of healing will be required before being able to ask the prosthesis. And, its price is relatively high, especially as it is a treatment which is not supported by social security.