Constantly at work – what gives me strength

The burden of care is on the rise. Not only that, everything has to be perfectly documented in the health-care crisis makes itself felt. It is getting harder and harder to find new employees with a good qualification. That means for most of my colleagues in Overtime. And often, it is always the same, step in if someone is sick and fails. Sometimes I have the feeling to be always at work.

I have had to make lately a lot of Overtime because my colleagues were sick. Just a month ago, I worked for two days. That is to say, instead of ten days at a stretch, it had been twelve. I could not immediately get a compensation, but will be able to abbummeln the days later. No wonder that I’m getting the sense, a victim of the health care system. This has annoyed me. Of course, I had made up my mind for my free time a bit. Some I had to postpone or cancel. And I felt very tired. Sometimes the thought came to me: Why am I doing, why I’m just doing this Job?

The Smile of a patient is worth more than a thousand words

This thought always disappears very quickly again, if I see in the hospital in the grateful faces of the patients. You are now dependent on our help. The patients remind me why I started in this profession. This gives me strength and Motivation. I’ve done it, then back to the gym and my body done something Good. Finally, I would like to remain a long time fit and work in my profession. Sport helps me to feel good overall.

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Protection against over-charge in the care

My recommendation is to find a balance. Employment or activity, which helps recharge the battery. I, personally, meet me in the evening with friends or go to the gym.

We in care often tend to mercy. This means that We can hard to say no – and wonder then, why we are so exhausted. We owe this to our society. It is a mistake, as this profession out of pure love of exercise. Like everyone else I need the money I earn, for life. Tip: We should practice saying no. So we protect ourselves from over-charge. Because the help at the end of anyone.

Photo: Fotolia/ sudok1