Competition nurse – advice for the oral

If you stumble on this page, it is that you have probably passed the written contest nurse and now you stressez (a little) in the face of the oral that the tip of its nose. Don’t panic, here’s how to pass a oral. If you adopt this line of conduct, and that you get a good grade, please do not hesitate to make a donation to the site or send me a package of M&M s.

The jury of the contest nursing

The jury consists of 3 members who are : a framework of health, a psychologist and a senior trainer. They will introduce themselves to you, if this is not the case, do not panic. Generally, the course instructor is in the middle and it is a little the president of the jury. Sometimes, it can be the director of the IFSI. The context of health, he said nothing but his head seriously. The psychologist will be at the bottom of his seat and fixes you constantly without flinching.

In two words, what to do ?

First of all, when you enter the room, approach up to the jury and tell them hello. Do not be afraid, they’re not going to eat you ! Do not sit immediately on your chair, wait for it to tell you. Once trust is established, recite your text previously written. I hope for you that, before you read, you have announced your plan, in announcing the subject on which you fell and that you will thus present an introduction, a thesis and an antithesis and then the conclusion, huh ? Say ? You also have the right at this time to report that the topic you liked or not at all. But then explain why.

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Once your topic has been presented, the jury will ask you a series of questions. Be sure you stay open to discussion and listen. If they do not agree on a point, do not close or do not stay purpose. Try to understand why they have this point of view, and open a discussion. Be able to say sometimes that you don’t know, stay honest. Purpose of this is to see how you express yourself, your thinking and even your intellectual curiosity. Have your own unique way of thinking and do not go out to the jury the content of your book preparation.

And me, and me, and me…

And to finish, we will talk about a little more than you. The jury will then be questions about yourself, seeking to know why you want to do this business, whether you’re made to work in a team or whether you can bear the view of disease and death. Do you sell ! But not too much… Your mother is a nurse ? So much the better ! But do not say so. Those who do this as their mom or their sister had, therefore, not a real vocation. If we ask you about your academic path, answer without fear of judgment. You have had difficulties and are passed through the box BEP and BAC Pro ? And then ? You are still going until the end of your course in order to get a tray, show that you want to get out of it. The same for those who went to college to be an archaeologist, but what is the relationship with this new branch in which I am committed ? And of course you sought to finish his studies to go to the end of things to try by following the contest nursing. Sometimes I hear talk of this question, ” how are you going to finance your studies “. Students sometimes think that those who are funded are necessarily accepted. Well, no, in your future promo, you will have those who are in vocational training, those funded by grants, those funded by mom and dad, those that are funded on the working side, those who have a husband, understanding etc etc… of course, that there must be a minimum of financial plans for the studies, it is still 3 years… The jury is just looking to find out if you’re not going to give up during your studies for a question in… Because unfortunately, it happens.

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Basically don’t bring the discussion to yourself, you don’t show up as a savior that will revolutionize the health and the support of the population. Do not come evil, hair, chewing-gum in the mouth, dressed “swag” with a nonchalant attitude, piercing to the nose. Do you not care, and wear a suit for men or a suit for women will not cause you to gain more points. During the oral, you also have the right to crack, to take a two minute break (think-tank), drinking a glass of water, it is known a oral causes of stress…

The oral wants to know your deepest motivations, your intellectual abilities, you know if you can follow 3 years of study without any major problems, awareness of your intellectual profile and to know if you know to manage your emotions.

Come on, the oral is in a few days, stay yourself, don stressez not because you know not what to revise (read just the news) and all will be well !

If you have any questions…