compatibility of care and Job

Vereinbarkeit von Pflege und JobThe Association for consumer research, short GRP, has published a representative survey of 500 German companies, which deals with the topic of “reconciliation of work and care”. The improvement in earnings is quite worthy, when you consider that in the coming decades due to the aging population, certainly this is a factor for companies looking for new employees.

About 62 percent of the companies surveyed indicated that they have not dealt yet with the reconciliation of work and care. And 71 per cent can’t even call operational measures for the theme. Has been entrusted to the study of the Initiative “berufundfamilie” of the Hertie-Foundation.

The study shows once again that the need for education here is really high. The compatibility of Job and family, not least because of the large amount of media attention, in virtually any company is an important question. But on the subject of care this is, unfortunately, not at all. So it is something completely different, whether it is – figuratively speaking – the clothing of a child or a Person in need of care is in the washing machine, so a young or older people must take care of.

If the Hertie Foundation wants to use these results to improve care and professional compatibility, then you should first have to produce info materials, because 83 percent of the respondents said that they were in questions of the compatibility of work and care until now, because there is a lack of implementation tools and tips. Here’s a knowledge gap that could be closed for the benefit of those who care for other people, quite fast.

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The whole study can be downloaded here.