common cold: causes, symptoms and prevention

Erk√§ltung: Ursachen, Symptome und VorbeugungIn our care – and health-ABC is below the “e” is for “cold”. A cold is an infection of the upper respiratory tract and manifests itself with a runny nose, cough, hoarseness, and sore throat. It is also known as the flu infections, but it has nothing to do with a virus flu. The symptoms can occur in different combinations and different thickness. They are not treated timely, can develop into a Bronchitis.

Mainly colds in the autumn and Winter. It is completely normal to catch a cold two to four times a year. Also, children are more likely to have cough and runny nose, because the child’s immune system has to develop first. A common cold is usually harmless, even if the symptoms are bothersome and you feel sick.

Symptoms of the common cold

A flu infection begins with a feeling of weakness, Sneezing and Chilliness, in the evening. The next Morning, headache, sore throat and malaise be, and often fever is coming. After one to two days of cough. A short time later, the symptoms are slowing down already, and there is improvement.

Causes of the common cold

All of the factors that weaken the immune system, may increase the susceptibility to colds. Often the cause of hypothermia, lack of sleep, Stress, and other diseases. In these situations, the immune system is not strong enough to fight the pathogens. Who collections in a people and a closed, air-conditioned rooms staying for infections more vulnerable, because here the excitation to be transferred more easily.

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The virus infection, and heals normally without the medications. You can mitigate the unpleasant symptoms, however, and, for example, steam baths, drinking tea, the nose with a saline rinse or pills for the sore throat suck. In addition, there are also homeopathic medicines that help to fight infection.


The virus infection is a bacterial respiratory infection, must be taken stronger drugs. Usually, the doctor mucus rubs-dissolving medications or antibiotics. A visit to the doctor is advisable so that lung inflammation is avoided.


Adults get it more often than four times a year with a cold, you should strengthen your immune system. Suitable cold alternating showers, frequent walks in the fresh air, exercise and a healthy diet are hot. Regularly wash your hands, but also visits to the sauna can prevent colds. In Winter, you should dress appropriately and, above all, cold feet to avoid.

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