claustrophobia (agoraphobia versus claustrophobia)

Pretty much everyone knows the fairly simple concept of “place of fear”. But what is it actually ?

Claustrophobia is a distinction in two types of Fears. There are the agoraphobia (fear of certain places / places) and claustrophobia (fear of / in to small spaces). This article deals with two phobias.

What is agoraphobia ?

Agora phobia is the technical term for the fear of certain places / locations. Such fear develops, for example, if someone is driving in a particular place, such as in the supermarket around the corner something bad by might have witnessed a Robbery in progress, etc. This event is always associated with the supermarket, so that you can shun these of himself, and a strong fear with defensive behavior developed. In extreme cases, the apartment, the affected Person will not leave or only in case of extreme emergency.

What claustrophobia is ?

Claustrophobia (also known as THE actual place of fear) is a phobia of small spaces and / or large gatherings of people, such as at a carnival, a concert, or a staff meeting. In extreme cases, the affected Person is already in a panic, when “only” a door of a room is closed, wherein this is situated.

Fears trigger panic attacks

Many of the Fears that trigger the affected Person severe and extreme panic attacks. This can result in of the “normal” Hyperventilation up to a complete loss of consciousness with severe mental and physical damage. It is not uncommon for a complete cardiovascular and / or heart failure. In General, it comes to clear sign, such as sweats and heavier / faster and faster breathing.

What attack do during a panic ?

You should be with a people on the go, which develops a panic attack, or already has, it is important, in the quickest possible way to leave the current place. Furthermore, you should not try always to get yourself in a state of anxiety, as panic-stricken people restless people react even more frantically, a panic attack could come to a head. You should convince as an accompaniment Calmly to the Person and gently touch, for example on the Arm. A hug brings more of an aggravation, because the panicked Person suffers, in most cases, under the shortness of breath.

The calm act, and range from Drinking enough in most cases. Should calm down a Person at all, so you should alert an ambulance, by issuing a distress call.

Therapies and self-help groups

There is for almost every phobia a suitable therapy. You should confide in his family doctor, because it can be helped a guaranteed. It has to be “just” want to. In addition to offered therapies, regular visits are recommended in self-help groups where you can exchange ideas with each other and each other to various situations.