care routine for older skin: spring is the time of blossoms

Care routine for older skin: spring is the time of flourishing is

Our skin shines through the warmer temperatures and sun Shine in new splendour. However, more Mature skin needs a little longer to recover from the winter stresses and strains. What care and resources are in place, your skin can also be in the retirement age beautifully and look radiant? HUMANIS, the nationwide nursing service, has compiled some tips and facts for you.

We have it in our hands

The skin aging process you can not stop, but according to scientific studies, we can control it to 75% for yourself how quickly our skin will be forfeited to the aging process. Good care, healthy diet, adequate sun protection, the waiver of alcohol and nicotine can cause a lot. The skin is our largest Organ it encloses the entire body. Accordingly, we should carefully deal with it. Because our skin presents to the outside as it looks Inside at us.

However, with age, we have to repair the deficits in the care of our largest organ and must “”. Although the cell renewal of our skin takes place for life, with time your speed. While between 20 and 50, the process slows down just worsens he will become 50 quite noticeable and, unfortunately, visible. The upper skin (Epidermis) becomes thinner and can store less water. The supply with important nutrients comes to a Halt. In addition, the collagen decreases in the skin (Dermis) of production, which allows the skin to SAG. UV rays accelerate on top of that, the breakdown of collagen and free radicals can damage the cells. In the subcutaneous the layer of fat and connective tissue is getting thinner and thinner and the overall energy supply. In women, the menopause and, therefore, a throttled estrogen production.

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Our skin: increases With the age of the claims

Mature skin needs special care. Since you can regenerate so fast, it is more sensitive and store less moisture. Good reasons to care a little more about you. What are the options are easy to implement and important, we have compiled for you:

Day cream

Although the older face needs skin is mainly fat, but also 70-Year-old have mixed skin. You can be a better in the pharmacy or from your skin doctor will advise which days of cream is most suitable for you and whether the fat should be shares better higher or lower.

Solid ingredients in creams for Mature skin are hyaluronic acid and Urea, as they provide the skin moisture from the inside, as well as fats (like Avocado Oil), in order to maintain the grease barrier. Peptides and vitamins are particularly important to the cell to stimulate growth. Also for the UV protection must be ensured, so that the skin is well prepared for Sunny days and everyday life.

Night cream

Night creams are particularly skin-important for the more Mature. They are rich in active ingredients, because the skin at night, it can regenerate better and the ingredients be absorbed better. Accordingly, night creams contain more fat and cell stimulating agents.

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Serums aren’t necessary but are a good complement to the daily Pflegroutine. In these products concentrates are included in the rate of various active ingredients, the easier the skin. Sure to be a luxury, but in this case, one that may be worth. After cleansing the face, the Serum, let it soak and then use a nourishing cream on the face. Your skin will rejoice and thank you for it.

Lip care

Even lips can get in the age, unfortunately wrinkles. Especially on colder days, a fatty care is especially important to have a protection coat. Because neither tallow nor natural pigments protect this sensitive area of skin. Sweet almond oil, beeswax, Panthenol and UV protection are in any case indispensable.


The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and delicate. Unfortunately, a facial cleansing can dry out especially quickly and form wrinkles. The sebum-poor Zone around the eyes needs, therefore, rich creams and a cooling Gel to relieve, puffy eyes.


Our hands on most of the Wind and weather are next to the face exposed to. The hygienically necessary frequent washing of hands is irritating to the skin of our hands and makes them dry faster. Therefore, creams with a water-storing glycerol and fat are necessary. An additional sun protection factor is also prevents age spots.

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On our feet and we are moving with all our weight. This is hard work and not only, therefore, have earned our feet special care. Special creams also contain a lot of fat and moisture, but to prevent cracks and sores that will not heal.


The body needs a lot of care, because a normal shower gels and water will destroy the protective mantle of the skin. In order to prevent, dead skin cells and eczema should you lotion regularly after showers. Fragrant body lotion or body milk contain moisture components such as urea, glycerol or fats, which smooth the skin, provide additional protection. Special pH-neutral shower gels are recommended because they clean the older skin significantly.

It has already spoken for some time, The skin of the babies is similar to obtaining and sensitive, like those of their grandparents. That is why baby care products are safe for “grandma’s and grandpa’s skin”.

Nevertheless, but also the circumstances of our lives for a healthy skin. So make sure to drink enough to supply the largest sense organ with enough moisture. Also, movement in the fresh air with the right sun protection factor provides an additional Vitamin boost, and beautifies the complexion. As the temperatures rise again and the sun is no longer in the sky, check out long walks especially: Here, only the skin is not so happy, the soul rejoices.

by Adriano Pierobon, Gerontologist (FH), MBAIn General