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Pflege- ABC: RheumaRheumatism. This diagnosis can turn your everyday life upside down. It is interpreted from the Greek term rather than a Synonym for some 450 diseases, which have in Common the Occurrence of chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system, as well as appropriate movement restrictions. Early treatment is extremely important. Although auto-immune diseases do not heal, but they recognized the signs and symptoms of in time, can be alleviated by means of a therapy complaints, noticeably, respectively, of the progression of the disease slows down, and the joy of life will be significantly increased.

Rheumatism symptoms: Accurate diagnosis of rheumatic disease is not always possible

However, the diverse forms of the various rheumatic diseases are not researched as yet far from clear, but according to previous findings, symptoms, with metabolic disorders, joint wear or inflammation of the musculoskeletal system are some of the rheumatism. Medical specialists and other experts believe that the Occurrence of a rheumatic disease is often a hereditary predisposition exists; the smoke is supposed to according to explicit studies of the pathogenesis of rheumatic disease challenge. Similarly, metabolic disorders, rheumatic disorders can be responsible. The incidence of gout is associated with, for example, an acute disorder of purine metabolism. As the causes of rheumatism or arthritic joint pain, disorders of calcium metabolism apply.

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Causes of rheumatism: auto immunological processes, and metabolism disorders as a trigger

Pflege- ABC: RheumaRheumatism can, in principle, also arise due to so-called auto-immunological processes. This defense mechanisms to fight in the context of one’s own immune system is the body’s own tissue such as, for example, the skin cells. This misguided behavior is often the end result in severe inflammatory reactions, which can cause the affected organs sustained damage. The joint overgrown skin on the inside and, over time, ligaments, bones and cartilage of the joints are destroyed. In the case of the following diseases of the rheumatic form circle car apply immunological processes as a trigger:


  • Ankylosing spondylitis: Chronic, painful rheumatic disease, especially inflammation of the vertebral joints is characteristic; preferably, this form of Illness occurs between the ages of 15. and 30. Since the age of.
  • Psoriatic Arthritis: this form of Illness Sufferers complain in addition to chronic pain about psoriasis, typically on the feet and hands Hinges occur or large joints such as the knee affected.
  • Inflammatory joint rheumatism: as a proxy for the inflammatory rheumatism-the Form of the so-called rheutamoide Arthritis, when the immune system or the body’s own immune system is out of controlled. In this case, the inflammation attacks the joints and makes for chronic pain. Researchers have been able to prove only in relation to the emergence of correlations and various genetic factors.
  • Sjogren’s syndrome: in addition to swelling and pain in the joints, it leads to a Trockenheitssymptomatitik relating to the eyes or mouth.
  • Vakulitiden: flammable-called rheumatic diseases, which is part of the blood vessels around veins, Venules, capillaries, arterioles, and arteries are affected.
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Of medical measures, physiotherapy, to the electric treatment

The sometimes severe pain to alleviate the Doctors prescribe is often painkillers such as Paracetamol or morphine, in addition to combat with the hormone cortisone, which is found as an active ingredient in sterodialen anti-inflammatory Drugs to inflammatory foci. But also medicines obtained without a corticosteroid such as Ibuprofen are anti-inflammatory and relieve pain and swelling. Also be used with classic disease-modifying Antirheumatic drugs such as gold compounds, immunosuppressive agents and Biologicals. The latter drugs from gene – and biotechnology-produced proteins, due to their regular intake of the rheumatic disease should be positively affected. Generally a holistic therapy consists of drug and non-drug measures. Thus, the mobility of the joints and corresponding muscle building is to be supported by regular physiotherapy.

In addition, physical treatment therapies around that a cold -, heat – or electro-therapy, as well as newer assistive methods, such as, for Example, the andullation therapy. There are also hpp a pain test, in order to be aware of the symptoms of rheumatism aware of. However, surgery is not just for rheumatic diseases in the advanced stage is often unavoidable.

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