But, it’s been a long time !

F54 years from metrorrhagia.

Ah, but just think, of bleeding at this age can make us think about several issues ! Is she post-menopausal ? If yes, since less or more than a year ? Abundant or not ? Appeared spontaneously or because… ? In short, a notice lithotomy is needed. But before that, we asked a few questions to the host…

It is all very natural and totally uninhibited she is engaged. Yes, tonight she did it ! It was many years that nothing happened, but tonight is the night ! At a party, “alcoholic” confided she, she is abandoned. Totally. The years that it “had not fired his shot” !

She tried to interrupt me laughed, thinking I was going to be surprised, but why ? This does not shock me. So much the better if at the age of 54 she still has sex. Okay maybe the way she said it to me, perhaps surprisingly.

I find it very casual and the ambient air in the room that is turned in to the smell of ethanol makes me think that the evening had to be properly festive. Go madam, we breath in the éthylo ! And without surprise, a figure which is positive on the screen to 1.25 g could only confirm his own words and at the same time her behaviour… come on, now I send you to see the gynécos.

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Hoping that this does not cut taste for a possible future “future” report….