Back to the speaking medicine

Since some months I’m back in my familiar Department: in the Psychosomatic medicine. There was a place advertised in the management function on a Station. My application was successful. I am very happy to be back on top of me, familiar territory.

In the half a year as a Deputy ward Manager on the interdisciplinary ward for abdominal and vascular surgery, and Internal medicine, I learned very much New, on the other hand I know a very good base from my training time to nurse. With this combination, I managed to fast for me technically.

The somatic work is quite different

The immediate success leg printed me very much. A Patient suffered after an Operation under severe pain, could relieve a vein infused a short infusion with a pain reliever in it this quickly. In another previous blog text, I described the experience of a resuscitation. I had forgotten over the many years in the Speaking of medicine, the psychosomatic, just that people in hospitals die. A surgical senior physician summed it up in a conversation once: “Britta, you can do this kind of work very well, but You don’t love you.” So he hit the nail on the head.

Since the middle of October, I’m back in the Psychosomatic Department. It feels like coming Home. Much is still very familiar on the Station that I worked last nine years as a medical and health nurse. Some of the employees from the Team I know. Of course, many New ones have been added. No, I’m the New one. And I am now the station’s management.

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My areas of station management

The scope of duties as a nursing Director of a psychosomatic ward is very versatile. In addition to the care of the patients and a close collaboration with the interdisciplinary treating Team, I am for the organization of the Station responsible. Monthly I write a service plan for my nursing staff and myself and try to take into account as many of the service plan desired. Of course, I must meet also other statutory and internally agreed standards. In my field of activity also includes the implementation and achievement of business objectives, as well as their quality assurance. Of the nursing Director, the nursing management and my (senior) colleagues in the Department are the point of contact for issues in the organization and for content-related questions. In the case of personal failure I can take care of me as a station line to spare. Team development is to preserve an essential part of the activity as a station leader: team spirit and foster a respectful way to live and maintain treasures.

A culture is the sum total of the habits

An example: When I came in October 2016 to the Station, there was the culture to eat together once a week for lunch. As met health and public health nurse with the station, doctors, psychologists and creative therapists in the meeting room of the Station and ordered the nearby delivery service for a hot meal. This is also remained so. What has developed is new, is that we meet us now also at other days of the week with our Brought for lunch in the meeting room of the Station and, together, the 30-minute break. It comes from, who has time and wants to. It is a wonderful culture that supports Work with each other and strengthens.

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Photo: Unsplash / Kari Shea