back pain in General

Often the back will be given only little attention, the back is one of the most important areas of the Body of each living being: He holds together the body, provides for certain movements, and there are Railways important nerves. Particularly unpleasant it is, however, if the back hurts. A distinction between acute (suddenly occurring and only of a temporary duration) and chronic (back pain over a longer period of time).

The most common causes include: lack of exercise, pregnancy, (Yes, Yes – the poor female gender), improper loading, and organic-related reasons. Even small tricks can help you to walk pain-free through life, for example when carrying a box you should go first in the squat, the load from your legs to lift the object close in front of his torso. With this kind of carrying, the weight is distributed mainly on the lower part of the body and not only on the back. Also, the sitting posture should be taken, because earlier you learned in school that one should sit during the lesson. The saying “sit up Straight, prick up your ears – hands fold, shut up!” was not only attentive listening, but also the health of the back.

In Germany, approximately 27% of all residents suffer from pain, chronic back. About 80% reported to have at least once in a year, acute pain. Most of the area of the lumbar spine is affected. Around 15% of all sick notes from doctors are caused due to back pain. Most back pain can be reported in the age group of 50 – to 70-Year-old.

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