Are dietary supplements for the elderly make sense?

Sind Nahrungsergänzungsmittel für Senioren sinnvoll?According to current estimates, our Federal citizens spend a billion euros each year for dietary supplements.

About 27 percent of people aged 60 years at least once a week to a Supplement, a Vitamin, a fatty acid or mineral deficiency to compensate for. Dietary supplements have, at least according to the law, only one purpose: to compensate for a deficit of individual nutrients. Since, it is not surprising that especially the older people hope here and there improvement because of the small tablets and capsules: If in old age, memory, vision, or the vitality subside, are supplements a good way to get a grip on the Problem.

How healthy is retort-vitamins are “” really?

Basically, the idea is the dietary Supplement goes back to laboratory experiments in which was shown that many vitamins can act as anti-inflammatory or even prevent diseases – the adoption of close-to-put for many people, that such a food Supplement could prevent serious diseases such as cancer or vascular disease. This conclusion is however incorrect, as several studies from recent years show. Health it should be, especially with Overdoses of each of the nutrients critical.

What time is food supplements for the elderly really make sense

Sind Nahrungsergänzungsmittel für Senioren sinnvoll?Of course we must not oversimplify matters: In the case of nutrient deficiency, the intake of dietary Supplement in the elderly sense. Anyone who suffers from intestinal problems such as diarrhea or Crohn’s disease, consult with appropriate nutrients for the relief well, such as, for example, Vitamin B12. Furthermore, acid blockers for the stomach region, and Metformin, a diabetes drug that inhibit the absorption of Vitamin B12 – but this is for a good coordination and a well-functioning memory is essential!

Furthermore, very important is Vitamin D: This nutrient is responsible for the health of our bones, can even be produced by the body, if it gets enough sun light. In the old age of this body’s own mechanism, however, is very functional – the taking of a Vitamin D compound, in each case, sense. Also Omega-3 acids can plants have a positive effect

In principle applies: if you Want to take dietary supplements, it is important to clarify beforehand with the pharmacist or with the doctor, whether a nutrient deficit. In individual cases, a physician can check that quickly with a blood sample. And then retort-vitamins for seniors can be really useful. But you should also pay attention high-quality products.

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