An app that saves lives : MySOS

Une application qui sauve des vies : MySOS

I noticed one thing, I have one foot in the world of health and I have a blog. I hang around on the internet and uses technology. So why I don’t talk about on this blog ? Goodies geek for any good nurse , or even an app for your smartphone ? Like, let’s start now by talking application MySOS.

MySOS : Save lives with your mobile phone

The story will begin as well : A sexagenarian is at home when she is unwell heart. She is single, she composed the 15. The ambulance service will arrive 16 minutes after his call, they would see his death. His neighbor, located a few meters away was talking with his friends on the social networks, he was young, he was a first aider.

First question : only 16 minutes ?? Well, that is another debate. Let’s go back to the base. It is from this story happened towards the end of 2012 that Bernard Mourad has come up with the concept of MySOS. According to him, ” We live in a society that is ultra-connected, but we have very little connections with the people who are close to us, it is the paradox of our time “. Bernard Mourad is a banker, from a family of doctors. He wants to reconnect to the world via a kind of solidarity of proximity. He imagines, therefore, an application for smartphones that is able to put in relation people who are in distress,” guardian angelsfor location-based and which can therefore bring relief.

The Uas is attractive, the Red Cross first partner

Officially launched in January, the application would have exceeded 80.000 users in France (data not verified). The project has attracted Louis Lareng, founder of the Samu, who is now the director of the scientific committee of MySOS. The first partner is none other than the Red Cross that relays the application with its 15,000 first responders in order to expand the list of ” guardian angels” .

A bit in the madness of the moment, Bernard Mourad now wants to develop his project on the watches and the glasses connected, stating : ” suffice It to say SOS in a loud voice or tapping on it to launch an alert “. Good Mr Murad, not to runaway, the glasses connected we talk about it but we see not yet the end and watches connected has, it appears, not more packed the public at large.

The opinion of the syringe

Theapplication is free, and frankly simple to use. Its interface is well thought out for a quick use. You have the choice between becoming a guardian angel and/or be protect. Once installed, you can confirm your registration and complete your profile. If you are a guardian angel, you fill in your competence profile and not have to wait for an alert message. In addition, a guide basic first aid is also available. For those who want to be protected and once it fills out their own profile, it will be sufficient to launch the application to prevent the fire brigade or the ambulance service, as well as your contacts have pre-defined that you will receive an email or SMS alert while you géolocalisant. Thanks to its own network, the guardian angels connected around will also be notified to come and render assistance. In addition, in the bottom of the screen will be displayed your card MySOS with a variety of information such as : your blood group, your pathology, your treatment, your contact in case of emergency…

Two questions come to me, stupid or not. The first, if I have this app installed and I get an alert, so I am aware of a problem that may occur with a severity that can be potentially major, if I do not respond to this alert, am I responsible for non-assistance of person in danger ? Yes the question is twisted but I pose it anyway. Then, mainly as a result of heart trouble ? the little lady of 78 years ? She is truly connected geek way with an iPhone and knows how to open applications ? Here, too, I ask myself the question. Good honestly the process is there, and I strongly encourage you to install this application on all smartphones. So it’s your turn, talk to your family ! Discover this app and show them how to use it.

Rescue mode 2.0 !

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