Addiction is a bad disease


Mental and physical dependence on a substance is one of the most terrible diseases. Usually, the body of harmful substances such as nicotine or alcohol, of which humans are dependent. Very many people in our society have an Addiction, or even several. However, the biggest part, it comes along of them is aware of the danger and keeps control.

However, many do not. The Addiction poisoned many others, the whole of life, contaminated the Thinking, corrodes, and destroys the health. In the worst case, it costs life. Such fates I experience as a nurse, unfortunately, much too often.

The life of Mrs K.

An example of this is Ms. K. she’s been with us nurses known. Because it was delivered more frequently due to multi-organ failure, altered consciousness, and mental illness to the hospital.

It is instead of blurring motions in the hospital bed. The bed rails are up, because she is very restless and there is a great danger that she jumps out of bed. She is uncooperative, throws loud with insults. Main diagnosis: C2 abuse, recurring abuse of alcohol.

Some of the frequently expressed views: “All the therapies in the world can’t help her”, “she’s a drunk” and “it is your own fault”. So is it that these patients often receive the same attention as others. The Addiction is the cause for personality changes in the Ill. And with this disease, the image of the typical character traits deal with it properly, you need a lot of time – not the hospital staff. And if a nurse can spare five minutes, it focuses often of love, cute grandma than to force the urine and feces-smelling woman K. to body care.

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And even the attempt ends, some of the Time unsuccessfully: the dearest to do nurse, the feeling full and full of attempted empathy, Mrs K. something Good, had to give up after countless, time-consuming to Try frustrated.

Addiction contaminated several lives

Alcohol destroys the function of the organs, especially the liver. Ms. K. suffers from a failure to multi-organ. She has a yellow skin color and smells very unpleasant. Adequate communication is not possible due to the already damaged brain functions. She suggests, if the nurses want to rid the bed of the stool and urine, before the relatives come.

Of course, we pay attention to health and the nurse on the unspoken desires of the patient. Mrs K. would not want your family members to find them neglected and uncared for. In addition, we assume that a neat appearance of the patient, strengthens the hope of the members and to assist in the therapy motivated.

How it goes with Mrs. K., told Farshid in his next Blog.

Photo: Fotolia / Robert Przybysz