A training for all the nursing jobs

Who informed about a possible training in the care of the elderly, health and children’s nursing or health and patient care, in a Moment, in the Research on the generalist education in nursing. A new profession? Or what is that supposed to be?

What is it about?

Behind the generalist training of a new professional degree, the three major nursing care for the elderly is actually, health and children sick standardise care and health and nursing. So, the Plan, or rather the claim of the German care Council and other well-known professional associations such as the German professional Association for nursing (DBFK), it is at least. The nursing profession to professionalize, the shortage of skilled workers to counter and European competitive – these are the main arguments in a nutshell.

The Background

In January 2016, the nursing occupation, a law was passed in the first stage. It’s since been decided that the nursing profession to be reformed. How exactly this looks like, is still not very clear. The requirement of the professional bodies to complete the unification will not take place.

Current Planning

As things currently Stand, there will be a two year common basic training. In the third year of training, the possibility of specialization for the nurse in the Old or children nursing. If you decide against the specialization, the same three paths: the conclusion to the nurse after three years of Training without the specialization in the third year, qualified for all three areas. Also the recognition at the European level should then be possible. Anyone who has reached the (technical)College entrance qualification, you can directly start a dual degree program. There is then achieved a bachelor’s degree, which also includes the exam.

What will the Affected say?

Now I’ve worn so some of the facts together. Otherwise, I’m writing much more from the gut, refer to my personal experiences. In the case of this topic was hard for me. The health policy discussion to the generalist training met me at my place of work, but also in my studies.

My fellow students and I are still in the process of developing a Position. The attitudes, however, are more skeptical. On the first, superficial glance, an appreciation of the nursing education, a devaluation of the health and nursing training, and a loss of the content of the health and children are expected to nursing education.

At my workplace, the mood is rather counter-Reform. Why? The fear, of everything a bit, but nothing really moves in front of all the trainees. But teachers fear that the special Knowledge of the three origin areas, not in a General training.

And I?

I understand the connections still are not entirely accurate. I feel partly confused and wonder how someone this complex issue to understand, it is still less than I used to, to work through technical literature and to obtain background information.

With my current knowledge, I find the General training. The training content can be, in my opinion, so change that for all of the relevant topics in the first years of space. The special areas of knowledge would be then in the port. Similar to how it is now with special qualifications such as the specialist training in psychiatry.

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