A profession that touches – and career possibilities


The care – a great career that can really nervous. In spite of this, touched me to this profession to any Moment in any way. You go to the interview, standing patient and give – that is every Time again a great experience. This work evokes different emotions. Makes you angry, sad. Sometimes it is awful. Nevertheless, it is fascinating. It makes just as much affected as to be happy. The work of care is so great, because she is the perfect life coach. You give something and get something. Instant Feedback for your behavior – with the possibility to change it. Applicable to all areas in life. Other people buy a counselor, I’ll just have to take the reactions of my patients come true.

Someone time give him guidance, and sometimes just be there – that is nothing, what is a need for training. Many people carry this openness in your heart. The recognition and gratitude of the patients: The nursing is a profession that can be Proud of.

Nevertheless, it is in the care not only to support and assist you. The education in nursing teaches the physiology of the human body and the emergence of diseases. In addition, it shows which nursing care and medical treatments needed to improve the quality of life of patients.

More career opportunities than I ever can

To whom is the learned content of the training and the extension of the experience are not sufficient for job satisfaction up to the age of retirement, that should not stop however, to work in care. Because there are great possibilities in all. Training in intensive care or a master’s degree for Advanced Nursing Practice are only two of very many examples for nursing professional career opportunities.

Nursing research is a growing career field. It creates knowledge about what makes a good care. For example, there are research projects that deal with what nursing Actions under what circumstances, for the promotion of health. With this Knowledge you can bring to nursing science in the clinics, and nursing facilities. This is a great opportunity to underpin the importance of care in the treatment process. A super possibility for Image improvement for social professions and, in particular, the care! Equally important is the research in the area of the environment in which care happens. You can work out ideas and potential for improvement.

In leadership positions, the care shape

Equally exciting is the branch of the profession of care management. Because of the ever-changing requirements is a need for a continuous adjustment of processes in everyday life. In middle management positions, you can apply as a range management tasks of personnel management and work processes. In the upper management level, you can even directly affect the working conditions of the Care act.

The care is absolutely multi-faceted profession. For me personally it is in my professional life will never be possible to work in all the areas that inspire me.

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