a nurse from Germany or abroad?

Pflegekraft aus Deutschland oder dem Ausland?The Situation of the maintenance controls in Germany in a precarious condition, it is missing less money for staff. Private Elderly care institutions have warned for several years before a dramatic shortage of skilled workers, now they are sounding the Alarm. “The nursing shortage is no longer a danger, he’s there,” says Bernd Meurer, President of the private social services. The demand for nurses is expected to increase until 2017 300,000, but no one knows how they are to occupy.

Long ago, the shortage of nurses not only a Problem of Metropolitan areas is, everywhere – even in rural areas – lack of nurses and carers. Meurer strongly advises that professionals from abroad to attract and in Europe and in the world around. Also, for the care from Poland motivated and qualified people no longer come, now enough, you have to recruit the employees in Serbia, the Philippines or Korea. Bureaucratic hurdles should disappear, therefore, as soon as possible, so Meurer. The German hospice Foundation agreed to the care professional, your Chairman of the Board Eugen Brysch speaks of the “disastrous conditions” and calls for the “rescue of the care decision, such as, recently, the banks have been saved”.

The care from abroad brings benefits?

Pflegekraft aus Deutschland oder dem Ausland?In the all-Round service in the East of the staff, as a nurse from Poland, has established, in the meantime, the benefits appear at first glance impressive:

  • The nurses are available, the German market is empty.
  • Foreign nurse work and nurses at a significantly lower cost.
  • A targeted Agency looking for employees from other countries are responsible for the individual care. The caregiver can define your demands exactly. This is in old people’s homes.
  • Agencies provide only qualified staff/ nurses from Poland, with sufficient experience, the quality of care is guaranteed.
  • Within the 24-hour-care of the patient and nurses get to know well, that creates safety and trust. Also the forces from Eastern Europe and Asia grew up in a very warm, family-like culture.
  • The requirements of social insurance contributions and taxes to be met by the agencies strictly in accordance with legal requirements.

The advantages and possibilities of obstacles can stand in the way, which should not be concealed:

  • Older people are afraid of communication difficulties. In fact, can not be expected of Eastern European staff, a consistently perfect English.
  • A caregiver for the 24-hour care at home is required to have a separate room. This doesn’t have to cost a lot, nevertheless, a certain amount of effort here.
  • Medical services are not allowed to provide foreign nurses, for legal reasons, German additional staff is needed. This will be charged to the maintenance Fund, but also higher expenses.

These advantages and disadvantages, the same arguments for and against a German nurse.

The advantages and disadvantages of German nurses and orderlies

If you are available, able to communicate German nurses and nurses better with the hatchlings, and may also provide medical services. However, the cost is often Double, in addition, many German nurses and carers for 24-hour ready-care rare. It is only the way to the retirement home, the is to stop a foreign caregiver may then remain.