A Grenoble, emergency tranforment ring

A doctor of the emergency room of the hospital Michallon, at Grenoble, was violently attacked on Sunday in the end of the day by friends of a patient. The reason for this ? This patient has been placed for some time in a room without a window.

So yes, this may shock. But also know that in there are no seats, there are no seats ! To have done a lot of internships for emergencies, I also put patients in a room without a window. This is not a broom closet or other ! Just that it was good to turn it into the most pieces possible in the rooms for the patients, and that yes, some of them do not have a window. It is like that. And then ? Patients not stay for long ! This is not a room ! Maybe you prefer to put your grandmother in the hallway ? Ah yes but it you like not.

Live emergency

This is subsequently shocking is that a group of friends to the patient in question arrived also to emergencies, are the law and hit the doctor. Ah yes, I forgot that it’s his fault for having taken care of the patient and taking care of it. No, but it would have had to take his trowel and make a box in addition with a panoramic view on the parking. But I thought that the patient was there for treatment and not for what it brings him a cup of coffee in a bed with a duvet fleece ? What right, it types a doctor for this kind of thing ? Who are we to disembark and enter the health care staff ?

The fights, insults and everything goes, there has always been in the service of urgency. Security agents ? Bah never. We prefer to put them at Lidl or at Mickey. And when there are, they are the number of two or four to a hospital and put usually some very long time to come.

We return to the eternal debate as to secure our emergencies, but it’s been a few years that speaks, speaks, speaks…

And if not, who will pay for the costs of judgment in ITT agents ? Fee to treat the doctor ? Not, the patient always helps. It is just you and me, as usual. It is tiresome sometimes… but tomorrow, the doctors and nurses of the emergency will return to work and the days will begin… but until when ?

Hey, this was not my first rant on this blog ? I wrote it with anger and without thinking. Who said : “it’s obvious ” ?