2018-08-28 supports the Initiative “success factor family” unterstützt die Initiative „Erfolgsfaktor Familie“A healthy Work-Life Balance is gaining more and more importance. “At the right time in the right place” is therefore the Motto of the Initiative “success factor family”. unterstützt die Initiative „Erfolgsfaktor Familie“

As a Central platform for the issue of the reconciliation of work and family, it combines for almost ten years, extensive information for employers and employees. Thus, companies of all sizes to be helped to the wishes of values for the path to a balanced ratio of these two important areas to master. dedicated to this way also, and has recently become an official member of the Initiative “success factor family”, which is accompanied by the Federal Ministry for family, as well as the Central associations of the German economy and the DGB as the umbrella men.

Family-friendliness as a trademark

Over all, the desirable objective is “to make family-friendliness a trademark of German industry.” In the Generation of today’s 30 years of professional success is hardly the sole focus, certainly not at the expense of an intact and completed family life. Your child on the important first steps of life, the head of the Department, as well as for the attorney in the large law firm is increasingly important.

Care begins in the family

In addition to the changing needs in the social sector, a more sensitive awareness of health issues is the engine of this development. It is also important to use the time is healthy. Because the truth of the life it belongs to now times, that this will not be a high probability of becoming so. Not many families have the privilege to remain entirely without setbacks and with increasing age, the risk of a serious or chronic disease is on the rise.

A 24-hour care in the home often starts in the family, and is so far only in a few cases, in caring, professional hands. So exhausting this task for the body, soul and spirit may be, as understandable as the desire to a loved one in difficult times and help. Under this aspect, one can appreciate the intentions of the Initiative “success factor family” is high enough. A Balance of the different areas of life to keep body and soul in balance and strengthens the family. A good base for all the challenges of the common life.