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What is the meaning of “guardianship”?

Guardianship (Cura) is not an Instrument of the German legal system, which was created to order for a specific need of one or more persons of natural persons (legal entity / carrier with rights and obligations) a legal representative / Advisor who can act on behalf of the needy, if this is even in the […]

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What is the right nursing home ?

Another (very) interesting question, which reached me by e-mail. First of all: A “right” or “wrong” answer on this question. Nevertheless, I will try to have a reasonably acceptable answer to this question: Probably the most decisive point in the selection of a “good” nursing place of relatives or for themselves in the Region. You […]

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The wisdom of the crowd

Hello together, just before the weekend I would like to point once more to the wisdom of the Many (… readers of this blog) . Dorena has provided in the comments of my previous Posts an interesting question that I cannot answer but, unfortunately, serious. But maybe you? My husband and I are different days […]

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What is the care blogger is good

I recently read in a Blog that also revolves around the theme of care & health, a hilarious post. It went to the search terms that visitors have become attentive to the Blog and the Blog you have found. Unfortunately, I forgot where exactly I read that. If you, dear Blogger, is reading this, and […]

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maintenance on the Server(!)

26. January 2011 will find important maintenance work on the Server, which is why the Blog from about 10:00 for max. 4 hours will be, that is, as long as no complications ? occur … I ask for your understanding.

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