Daily Archives: 2018-07-29

With the nice weather, get out your hammocks !

When the good weather is here, many want to enjoy the hammock. Then some who were lucky enough to have a garden, don’t hesitate to bring out the hammock that took up the dust in the cellar. Yes, but there are a few checks to do before you can use it again… Well, we avoid, […]

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You want a little cream of milk ?

It is always on the moves of 4 hours in the morning that we still have our star of the night. That evening, while the nurses are in the box home with a person who is ill, we hear a man in his forties yelling at the host that we just take care of him […]

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You’re not a euro ?

“You’re not a euro ? It is to survive. “The legend says that this is what he allegedly said to a nurse, crossing , Marisol Touraine at the exit of the ministry. And I think it worked ! Because since then, Marisol has had a gesture, although very sympathetic, granted a premium of 1.50 euro […]

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You find the time long in the er ? Me too.

For emergencies, it is not uncommon to be insulted. Sometimes without reason, sometimes because the time seems too long. Sometimes it is also hit, sometimes… We see that insult us, often alcoholic. It absorbs, with the excuse that it is not their fault, that alcohol makes people stupid. Now, this excuse, I do have to […]

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I love the ambulance

Ah the ambulance, in our business we have an approach with them that is worthy sometimes to a romance. As in any profession, such as ours, there are good emts and good… today, I stumbled on this last category and more than once ! A paramedic grumpy Maybe some paramedics will fall on this article […]

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The blog gets a makeover

Hello, I come to the new. Yes because in this moment, I give not enough. Sympatoche for a blog no ? In fact, it’s just that having to rest a few days for me to take care of my newborn, I take a little bit for me to ventilate the head of the job. So […]

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