Daily Archives: 2018-07-22

The green juices : a boost of health !

A quantity more important of people who have to heart to improve their way of life to understand that the power supply is one of the vectors is decisive to do this. Also, there are a number of known principles that can be applied immediately: eliminate the junk food move towards the consumption of organic […]

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do You expect I’m dead ?

On this day, this man screams, shouts, growing impatient with the truth. He comes because he complains of pain in the chest. At the reception, it will be seen quickly (less than 10 minutes and saw the crowd, that is). Well anyway, it’s been several days that he was hurt but was expected. Great classic […]

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occupations, and studies in medicine

Becoming a doctor requires a lot of time and determinism. In France, there are almost eight to eleven years of training to have a status of physician confirmed and a specialist in a specific field of medicine. But before you begin, you need to have clarification on the professions of medicine, as well as the […]

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The mutual and the applications to health

With the media coverage of the health impacts of food and air, more and more French aware of the risk to life have a tendency to resort to mutual applications and health. The use of these modern solutions allows them to make many choices in their way of taking care of their health. Discover what […]

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How to re-educate their pelvic floor ?

The pelvic floor or perineum is a muscle in the bottom of the belly, supporting the baby and uterus during pregnancy in the woman. His rehabilitation prevents problems from incontinence, the descent of the organ, the pain areas birth canal-perineal ano-rectal, the belt lumbo-pelvic and some sexual disorders. Of muscle pelvic floor is very beneficial […]

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