14 days of water drinking [5]

Due to technical problems, welcheg esters is my short “follow-up occurred today,” with respect to the 5. Test day:

Really drink – just how is this going to go ?

  • You should always try to drink gleichmäig over the course of the day. As an example, every 1 – 2 hours a (large) glass of water.
  • Variety, when to drink: As we host a water test, it is suitable to choose a mineral water with fruit flavor. In my case, I have one with a strawberry taste, which I 1:1 with an Unflavored mix.
  • The “drink” should be an ever integral part of every meal.
  • A filled glass of / A bottle of water in the immediate vicinity is a reminder for the people to drink. In this way it is significantly accessed more frequently.
  • You can drink directly after getting up (out of bed) a glass of water.

For more tips, there is tonight for the “official” 6. Water trinktag!