14 days of water drinking [14]

It’s done – a reason to breathe a sigh of relief: The 14 days are over! But how to do it now ?

Personally, I found it an interesting experience to drink in 14 days (only) water. Where I juices otherwise like, and many Cappuccinos I drank, I drank in the last two weeks, mostly just bottled water. It didn’t feel only in a little change, but also on the scales – I have approximately lost 3 kg Just by drinking. Has someone of similar “successes” and experience ?

Within 14 days, we have exactly 24.5 liters (knowingly) drunk water!

Under the following Link you will find all the contributions to this small hands-on action: 14 days (aware of) drink water – I am alone participants of this action. It has really brought a lot of fun!

The next (hopefully) more successful hands-on action is already in planning. Let us surprise you. This time it is really exciting!

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