You want a little cream of milk ?

Tu veux un peu de crème de lait ?

It is always on the moves of 4 hours in the morning that we still have our star of the night. That evening, while the nurses are in the box home with a person who is ill, we hear a man in his forties yelling at the host that we just take care of him and that it is urgent. Everyone thinks a serious problem when one realizes that he is alone, in good health, but terribly stressed. We recognize the gentlemen who have had sexual intercourse that did not happen as planned.

He will tell then, in front of two nurses in addition, he has a report, protected with a prostitute. And that it has used the cream, milk, moisturizer for baby as a lubricant. I didn’t know this trick to replace the lubricant but by searching a bit, one realizes that this is not new. And as I have just done, leaving her own small business, search on the internet if there was a real risk and would have called Sida Info Service who told him to go to the emergency room because the condom would become more porous, with the effect of the cream and that, therefore, there would be a risk. Therefore, it was necessary to the cure before the disease wins.

Well, it goes without saying that this is something stressful for these people and I can well imagine the sudden flip that we may have. But to see his sensational arrival, we had also a nice kick flip.

I remind you that the risk in this case is limited, but it is not advisable to use the cream as a lubricant on a condom. It is necessary to use a real lubricant… So tell your friend whore the next time. And did you just get a test but don’t run, you have the time… (I’m talking about the first 24 hours and not over the first 24 minutes after the report). And most importantly, protect yourself !