You’re not a euro ?

T’as pas un euro ?

You’re not a euro ? It is to survive. “The legend says that this is what he allegedly said to a nurse, crossing , Marisol Touraine at the exit of the ministry.

And I think it worked ! Because since then, Marisol has had a gesture, although very sympathetic, granted a premium of 1.50 euro per period worked with the nurse(e)s of our beautiful country. In addition, she shouts out loud to know she made a gesture to the caregivers. Finally, it will prevent it from twitter knowing that there could be a spot to see several critics rushed out of a potential tweet for this fabulous increase.

Already, she could not lie anymore. In fact, often maligned in the face of its inaction, at the end of his term it will be able to say : “No, but wait, I still made an effort, and increased the nurses ! I’ve understood it. “Not mad wasp.

Except that here, the reality is quite different. Already we will think of our friends orderlies, will not have them. Why ? May be that I have not seen/read but I have not found anything on this topic. I think they deserve just as much as we to be raised. So we know that this applies to nursing. Yes but not all…

When Marisol Touraine is generous with the nurses

As this sudden rise is not reserved for nurses working in the er. So all of the others, go your way, you are nothing. Had to not give it to all the world no more, wait must not be abused. But hold on, this is not finished ! In fact, this applies to nurses who work at night to the emergency room ! Therefore, it further restricts the list. There, she’s smart anyway. What ? I was told that… no ? Seriously ? The list shrinks even ! This will be reserved for those who alternate day and night throughout the year ! So those who are working throughout the year to night, will make you see clearly. (And I spend those days finally). In the end, this would equate to approximately 3% of the nurses in France, or a few tens of thousands of euros ?

When I look at my payslip and the new tax of 13 euros per month appeared in our expenses lately (last year ?), it is said that they are malignant.

You can thank highly to Me, Touraine for its increase sincere and generous, proving that she is a strong admiration for our profession.

To stay polite and avoid swearing on this blog, I would a message in the face of contempt of Marisol :