You have stitched the vaccination ?

Vous avez piqué la vaccination ?

I don’t know about you, but I often ask my patients if they are vaccinated against tetanus. Especially when they are presented with a beautiful wound is suturable. When I am the host of a child, necessarily I ask the parents when was his last vaccine. And sometimes we have surprises… Either because from 30 years, said : “I get vaccinated ? It was when I was little ! “because mom told me :” it is written in the book of non-health ? “. The nursing students, or just a few of my colleagues have also made a habit of asking me at what age one makes such or such a vaccine. Frankly, where I’m fishing. Even if I know some, I have trouble sometimes I can’t remember. So if we did a little recap’ on the vaccination ?

Already, to begin with, I put you below the calendar, simplified vaccinations that you can find on the site (and in more detail here) ! Elsewhere on the site, you will find the presentation of each vaccine, what it protects, which is useful for you seasoned professionals, as for you young padawan nurse, who will be the first to inform and advice on the immunization.

Vous avez piqué la vaccination ?

When we think that the vaccination has saved millions of lives to this day with this simple act of prevention, it is said that it would be a shame not to more be interested in it. In addition, this act serves to protect but also to protect others. If you go on my blog as a simple visitor and you are asking questions about the vaccination, the type to which it can serve well, if it involves risk to myself or to my child, which vaccine is more useful than another, if it is really safe, it is mandatory to do get my child vaccinated… in Short, if you have to ask lots of questions, I invite you to visit the website of Public Health of France (formerly INPES) to the address :

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For those who find these blocks of text sometimes indigestible, I put a small quick link to a site made by physicians themselves, giving more individual advice by going to the essential, go on

Good I see that I begin to lose a few in this article so I’ll leave you a little quiet… Well no, not yet. I realize that it is in June and that you are going on holiday or that you will be brought to be in contact with people leaving soon on vacation, abroad ! So naturally, when I travel abroad, we always ask this wonderful question : “ no, but wait, where will he need a shot ? “. So me personally, I check on the site where you can find all the practical information on the vaccines recommended for a particular destination. This will prevent you from stressing, you have to check the country of your vacation on the site to know what to do.

Go, I leave you and more importantly, poke well (or do you do well to prick) !

This article has been produced within the framework of the information of health professionals about vaccination by Public Health, France (former INPES)