You find the time long in the er ? Me too.

Vous trouvez le temps long aux urgences ? Moi aussi.

For emergencies, it is not uncommon to be insulted. Sometimes without reason, sometimes because the time seems too long. Sometimes it is also hit, sometimes…

We see that insult us, often alcoholic. It absorbs, with the excuse that it is not their fault, that alcohol makes people stupid. Now, this excuse, I do have to admit that more than in some cases. When you’re in a box and that you have to drink like a hole to finish up in the emergency room, you don’t have to do your evil upon your arrival, by insulting everyone. You would have preferred to finish up at the Police station ? It has not asked you to come, we. We would prefer to take care of those who suffer.

We see that insult us because the time is long. Yes, it is for us also, but little difference we have 40 other people to manage at the same time, we. And the results of your blood test are not immediate and will fall 2 hours after ! And your scanner ? You are going to have yes, but you are 10 to wait. It is to each his own and it only takes 5 minutes to make this scanner. Especially when more serious cases are sent there quickly, you wait… And us with you, because we want you to have this stupid scanner ! And then you we will because you do not get taken care of quickly enough, because it explains nothing, or because it is incompetent. I would say then that, inevitably, I lose time to manage those who gripe or insult us without taking the trouble to listen to us. It explains to you yet. But you are the deaf ear. And during this time, I have my other patient who is waiting for me to come take it and who will lose, therefore 10 minutes more. Precious minutes passed at the level of the laboratory and, therefore, the result of his support… All this multiplied by the number of patients. We must at the same time to run after the doctors for a prescription, to help our colleagues in need, answer the damn phone, push the stretchers to the radio, to calm those who are waiting even longer because they simply come in for a consultation. Yes simple consultation is long in the emergency room, that is why we told you to go see your doctor ! Especially when you have hurt your leg since 3 weeks. Not for us, it is not an emergency. But for people the word “emergency” no longer has the same meaning as before. For them, it is to come and to leave with an order like at a fast food restaurant. Yes, but you are increasingly doing this. It is this that overwhelms the emergency room, you still don’t understand? Yes it is a long 3 hours in the er, we already know that. But you can stay for a little ? We you know, we stay 12h minimum and it comes up several times a week. You just how many times ? (If you say several times, I would recommend that you choose a doctor, and stop saying that we are bad. To return as often, it is that you appreciate our support…).

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We must manage, such as the one that screams, shouts, spits and hits us the same. Or another, a witness to this violence, but who will dare, nevertheless, you ask a glass of water, at the same time. This is the one that will look with big eyes, as its application seems amazing. Sorry to be busy, but the glass will wait also. Or the one that requires to be moved because the noise the insupporte… Know that we also we insupporte.

And then sometimes, last night… once back at the house and the time has elapsed, you will receive a summons to the office because a patient has filed a complaint against us. We’ll go one afternoon, instead of resting before a new night. We will spend time to respond to acts of violence. It is long as the commissioner, you have seen, for us also this is long… I would have preferred to relax at home, enjoy my family and close friends. But no, instead of that, I’m leaving for a new night, already tired, soiled and bumped. But, you do not care.

I am a caregiver. I care for you, I absorb your pain, your blame and anger. But me who cares for me ? In addition to my work, I have to answer questions a police officer asks me because one of you is dissatisfied with his or her support. Because one of you will not understand that a day in his life, we could have him say no. I won’t elaborate on the subject of the complaint. We just designed the defamation. Not because a priori, the patient had to believe in a prison of colombia, in an isolated room with no clothes to get hit regularly. You did not know it, you, as the emergency could be torturing people if they came for absurd reasons ?

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And I Sir, Madam, it is up to each guard as I am tired of you hear us yelling to suffer your violence both physical and verbal. You don’t undergo only a short time in the emergency room, but you must probably live this as a month with your mother-in-law. Interesting this theory of space-time…

And yet, despite all this, I’ll be back… For you.