work in the ICU Between life and death

Since I did my training to be a nurse, and have passed quite a few years. In these years I got to know a lot of people. And what has influenced me much more – fates experience.

Fates seared into the memory

I work in an intensive care unit. This activity has shaped me, without a doubt, and my point of view changed. It is a tragic situation, the unfair, the unexpected gradients, which have been etched in my memory.

Recently, I sat next to a husband who had lost his thirty year old woman. What remained of him, was the common nine-week-old child and his family. Such fates are calling me. Each caregiver may have several such stories to tell.

A new Chance at life

On the other hand, many people back in life to collect themselves in my memory. The many names, many faces.

These people got a new Chance. Why? Because of a highly professional Team of nurses, therapists and Doctors for she was there to fight for this Chance. Because in Germany we have structures, to which we may be proud of: Our intensive care medicine manages to save people. A few decades ago some of them would have had no Chance to Survive.

From the beggar to the millionaire, from a nun to a prostitute.

Disturbing way between hope and despair

In addition to the everyday professional life, it is this tension that fascinates me, as before, and touched. There are situations in which we do everything right, and the fight still lose. In other cases, no one believes in success, and yet the Patient recovers. On this tiring and upsetting the way we experience the patients ‘ families – spouses, children, grandchildren, and parents. We will accompany you to experience hope and despair, share these feelings with you.

Also Nurses and Doctors, these stories draining. And sometimes there are also differences between the professional groups, will be held. Annoys you, you discuss. All this, in order to protect the interests of the patient and to accompany you on the way to a full recovery.

Retention in the Team

In our health system, it crunches sometimes and we get the everyday work, to feel many a Time. And not always the Job gives back what was invested in the work and effort.

What builds me, my care team. It is the colleagues around me, helping me to reflect on myself and my behavior. The conversations that remind us of our own humanity. It’s the uncomfortable experiences that challenge me, inspire me and force me to expand my Knowledge and apply.

Photo: Marc Alexander Noll