With the nice weather, get out your hammocks !

Avec le beau temps, sortez vos hamacs !

When the good weather is here, many want to enjoy the hammock. Then some who were lucky enough to have a garden, don’t hesitate to bring out the hammock that took up the dust in the cellar. Yes, but there are a few checks to do before you can use it again… Well, we avoid, for example, to end the emergency. (We could integrate it in the book of Gérald Kierzek)

Avoid finish up in the er with your hammock !

In fact, it can be quickly finished to the emergency room with his hammock. How ? Ask this patient received, which comes to a wound on the forehead several inches. It is simply installed in it after you have it installed and one of the two pillars that held up the hammock was not to be stabilized… and the Result ? Necessarily considering the position, it fell back on this little lady.

It is, therefore, found to the emergency room instead of sitting and sunbathing quietly in his garden. Go, as a bonus she has gained a few points of suture.

Then, pay a little attention to your hammocks to avoid ending in the er ! Or do like me, the grass it is so good also. Whatever !

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