winter time is sniffles time? – To strengthen the immune system

Winterzeit – Schnupfenzeit? – Immunsystem stärkenRunny nose and declarations of belonging to the winter time like Christmas and snow. However, there are a number of means to protect yourself from them, even if it means adults a year suffer two to five colds.

The pathogens go out of the way

Both rhinitis as well as in the explanation of diseases of the upper respiratory tract of humans. In both cases, there are usually viruses that are responsible for the disease; also, some bacterial species as a potential pathogen into consideration, however, is statistically a rather minor role. The best prevention is to not let it come in the first place of infection. Because the skin is virus-hostile environment in an effective protective barrier against viruses. The viruses do not go on detours to the Inside of the body, should be washed hands as often as possible. Equally useful is the advice from doctors to avoid contact with already infected people as possible. This is because the virus not only via the lubricating infection in the human body, but also over the air. Not least of all, therefore, to ventilate a confined space on a regular basis to possible pathogens to inhale.

The immune system kills the virus before symptoms

Winterzeit – Schnupfenzeit? – Immunsystem stärkenHowever, the contact with the pathogens, in view of the wide distribution of the pathogen is inevitable. Therefore, it offers itself as an alternative to strengthen his body, so that the contact with the virus must not necessarily lead to the outbreak of the disease. There is a need for a strong immune system kills the pathogen before it can even come to the first symptoms. To apply the immune boosting measures, a balanced diet alongside regular exercise. A food is deemed to be balanced if every day, three pieces of raw food to be eaten free choice. Condition is that it is raw food, i.e. fresh fruit or vegetables, the must each have a different color. So, for example, a green Apple, a red tomato and a yellow pepper. Anyone who tries, three pieces of raw vegetables of different color in his daily meal to accommodate, you can go to be with plenty of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a functioning immune system is essential.

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But the first symptoms of a cold, it is recommended to place warm towels on the breast. This will help to solve the in the bronchi accumulated mucus, so as to have a more severe course counter, as well as to speed up the recovery significantly. And of course, warm tea to drink.

Images: Simone Hainz, Jetti Kuhlemann

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