Will my credits transfer TTU?

Will my credits transfer TTU?

In order to receive transfer credit, you must first submit official copies of your final transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities. All transferable credit will be included in your total earned hours at Texas Tech; however, the GPA from your transfer credit is not calculated into your TTU GPA.

What AP test score does Texas Tech accept?

NOTE: Pending approval by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, some AP scores of 4 or higher will be required for academic credit.

Does Texas Tech accept dual credit from high school?

Texas Tech University is launching a new partnership with the University of Texas at Austin to ensure Texas students get the most out of dual-credit courses. Dual-credit courses enable students to earn college credit while they are still pursuing their high school diplomas.

How much does TTU K 12 cost?

2019 – 2020 tuition and fees are effective beginning Sept. 1, 2019.

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Fee Name Texas/U.S. International
Online Courses* Required Online Proctor Fee Total Cost for Online Course $225 $25 $250 $450 $25 $475
Print-based Courses $250 NA
Entrance Exam NA $50
Admission $150 $250

Is Texas Tech 12 free?

Full-Time Diploma Program Only begin this application if you are withdrawing from your local school district and want to become a full-time student at TTU K-12. There is a $150.00 non-refundable admission fee charged to apply to the Full-time Diploma Program.

How many credits can I transfer to TTU?

While all credit hours presented on the sending institution’s transcripts will be evaluated, and equivalent college-level courses posted to the student’s academic record, a maximum of 72 semester credit hours from two-year colleges may be applied towards degree requirements.

Where do I send transcripts to TTU?

Transcripts may be submitted in RaiderConnect or by US mail to Box 45005, Lubbock, TX 79409. Your school may also send your transcript electronically via TREx or Parchment.

Why should I apply to Texas Tech?

I chose Texas Tech University because of its academic atmosphere, diverse student body, its unique clubs and organizations, and its gorgeous campus. It’s also important to get involved while you’re in college,and Texas Tech makes it easy to do so with over 150 clubs and organizations.