Why you should go to UConn?

Why you should go to UConn?

The academics are great and UConn has some of the best programs in the country. The professors here take good care of their students and many class sizes are relatively smaller than in other schools. UConn may be a ball of fun, but students here also know how to get down to business.

Does UConn give full scholarships?

Full Support Scholarship (tuition, room and board, fees, books, transportation, miscellaneous). Funding for enrichment experiences (up to $12,000 per student).

What is special about UConn?

UCONN Storrs has a big campus, students take pride in the university. Students are a big fan of their college basketball team. Students are very social and friendly. The school has large infrastructures that are up to date with the latest technology.

What does it mean to be a UConn husky?

We don’t just “go to UConn.” Being a Husky means being a part of UConn Nation, embracing and carrying on the traditions that make us who we are. One of UConn’s longest-standing traditions and a Winter Weekend favorite. Enjoy a bucket – yes, you read that right – of UConn Dairy Bar ice cream, made right on campus.

Does UConn have a dental program?

UConn’s Special Program in Dental Medicine links undergraduate preparation with four years of dental education, resulting in dual degrees from UConn: a BA/BS and a DMD.

Does UConn have pre med?

Students don’t “major” in pre-med or pre-dental at UCONN. Rather, students take specific recommended coursework in order to apply to medical, physician assistant, or dental schools. However, students can major in any major and take pre-med/pre-dental coursework. We encourage you to explore the right major for you.

Does UConn offer dental hygiene?

ACCESS MYCHART The UConn School of Dental Medicine offers a full range of comprehensive and specialized oral health care. The predoctoral student clinics offer patients dental care in a comfortable environment provided by dental students under the supervision of experienced and licensed faculty.

How do I opt out of UConn health insurance?

Waiving UConn Health Insurance

  1. If you wish to opt-out of the University plan, you must complete the Health Insurance waiver.
  2. Fall waivers must be submitted prior to September 15th. Spring waivers must be submitted prior to February 5th.

Does UConn use the common app?

Applying to UConn All applicants must apply online through either the Common Application, the Coalition Application (either preferred for first-year and international applicants), or the UConn Application (preferred for transfer applicants).

Does UConn dental school do implants?

UConn Dentist Says Restored Teeth Need Lifelong Care For patients with tooth restorations such as crowns, bridges, veneers, and implants, UConn Health dentist Dr.

How long is prosthodontics residency?

36 months

How many recommendations do you need for UConn?

Essay & Two Optional Letters of Recommendation Two letters of recommendation are optional, but can distinguish an applicant’s character and are preferred. Recommendation letters can be sent electronically, by fax, or by postal mail.