Why would the Occupational Outlook Handbook be useful?

Why would the Occupational Outlook Handbook be useful?

The Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) is a career resource offering information on the hundreds of occupations that provide most of jobs in the United States. Each profile is in a standard format that makes it easy to compare occupations, such as by projected employment change.

Who is the intended audience for using the Occupational Outlook Handbook?

the perceived target audience of the book broadened as its occupational coverage expanded. The 1951 edition targeted “veterans and other young people” (p. 4), the 1957 edition “school and college students, veterans, and other young people” (p. 4), and the 1959 edition simply all “young people” (p.

How often is the Occupational Outlook Handbook updated?

every 2 years

What does O * NET stand for?

Occupational Information Network

What state has the highest concentration of real estate agents employed?

Some of the states with the highest concentration of real estate agents, like South Carolina, Oklahoma, Florida, and Georgia, are Sun Belt states that are experiencing consistent population growth—which means more demand from potential buyers.

Can you get a CA real estate license with a DUI?

To summarize, a DUI conviction may lead to a rejected application for a California real estate license. If you have specific questions about your criminal history and real estate license eligibility, please contact Don Hammond, Criminal Defense Hero immediately.

What is a substantially related crime?

Generally speaking, a “substantially related” conviction is a conviction for a crime that implicates a contractor’s ability to perform contracting work in a safe and responsible manner. For example: violations of the Contractors’ State License Law. crimes involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or theft.

What do Realtors look for in background checks?

Real estate background checks are used to ensure that real estate agents and other professionals working in the real estate industry are safe and trustworthy. Criminal background checks (including county, state, federal, or multi-jurisdictional searches) Sex offender registry searches. Alias and address history checks.

Do they run a background check when you buy a house?

A realtor is typically involved when someone is looking to purchase a house. A realtor does not run a background check, however. When applying for a mortgage loan, applicants must submit to an extensive credit check with a mortgage lender to make sure that they qualify for the minimum credit requirements of the lender.

What does a rental background check consist of?

A background check for an apartment can include a national criminal background check, credit report, eviction history, and employment history. Specific landlords or property managers may choose to run one or all of these screenings and applicants will need to give signed consent to have a background check performed.

How do I get my rental history?

Build a good rental history by paying your rent in full and on time, and by keeping the rental property safe, clean and orderly.

  1. Make Timely Payments. Pay your rent and utility bills on time.
  2. Keep the Rental Tidy. Keep your unit well-maintained.
  3. Consider the Neighbors.
  4. Keep Accurate Records.

How can I rent without credit?

How to Rent an Apartment with No Credit

  1. Get a Co-Signer.
  2. Provide References and Recommendations.
  3. Get a Roommate with Good Credit.
  4. Show Proof of Income.
  5. Explain Your Financial Situation.
  6. Offer to Move in Immediately or on a Shorter Lease.
  7. Pay a Larger Security Deposit.

How do you write a rental Bio?

Just like an employment resume (or your LinkedIn profile), your Bio should include a couple of sentences about you, what you’re looking for in a rental, and why you would make the perfect tenant. Example: Hi, I’m Kate, a 28-year-old professional looking for a modest apartment in a quiet and friendly neighbourhood.