Why should I be a resident assistant?

Why should I be a resident assistant?

Becoming a resident assistant, also known as resident adviser or RA, while in college is a great way to build personal and professional skills and save money, too. Being an RA is about more than saving money, though; it also entails serving as a role model for your peers and incoming students.

How would you describe residency assistant?

Resident Assistant Job Responsibilities: Assists in supervising residents and responding to complaints, reports, requests and emergencies. Submits reports on infractions, violations and safety issues. Promotes residence hall events. Informs residents about relevant campus and local activities.

What can you do as an RA to promote the issue of diversity?

Incorporate diversity educational events into your programming schedule to build a stronger community. Also, if you know of your own prejudices or limitations that may affect your role as RA, be sure to speak to someone so that you can begin overcoming or manage those challenges.

What do you believe is the most important quality for an RA?

The most important quality is the ability to listen, sometimes people just want to vent their problems without someone giving them advice, they really just want someone to listen and more often than not they already know how to solve their own problems and they just need to let off steam.

How do you create a community RA?

RA (Community Building Responsibilities)

  1. Listening to residents.
  2. Answering individual questions at floor or building meetings.
  3. Facilitating the creation of a roommate agreements and community standards.
  4. Helping residents settle their own roommate disputes.
  5. Helping individuals cope with stress from college and from relationships.

How do you answer why do you want to be an RA?

“I would like to be an RA because it will help me to exercise my social, counseling, and mediation skills on a daily basis. This position immediately appealed to me not only because I love this school but because I truly care about the student body.”

How do I get a job at the RA?

Getting the Necessary Experience and Skills. Earn at least 40 undergraduate credits. To become an RA, you must first earn at least 40 undergraduate credits at your chosen university or college. Many RAs start off as first year undergraduate students and then apply for the position for the second year of their degree.