Why is security pay so low?

Why is security pay so low?

It pays low, because working as an entry level security gaurd is menial labor that nearly anyone can do. Because they require little training, education or skill.

How can I make more money as a security guard?

Three Easy Ways to EARN MORE as a Security Officer

  1. Training. The quickest & easiest way to earn more as a security officer is to get more training.
  2. Transportation & Availability. These work hand-in-hand because your availability and having reliable transportation has a huge impact on your schedule.
  3. The Right Team. Working for the right company is essential.

What does a guard card allow you to do?

A California guard card is a permit from the Department of Consumer Affairs that allows a person 18 years of age or older to work as a licensed unarmed security guard in the state of California.

Is a security officer a career?

Unlike many other career options, private security companies often hire job seekers with little to no experience in the field and then train them on the job. Security personnel provide a worthwhile and necessary function in many aspects of modern business, from manufacturing and retail to personal safety.

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What are the qualifications of a security guard?

Security Guard job description: Job requirements and qualifications

  • X years of experience as a Security Guard or similar role.
  • Good understanding of legal guidelines for area security and public safety.
  • Some experience with report writing.
  • Outstanding surveillance and observation skills.

How hard is it to get a security job?

In conclusion, gaining employment in a security guarding position is not particularly difficult once you possess the required licence/certificate for your geographic location and pass the necessary background checks. Regarding qualifications, I recommend tailoring them to the position you apply for.

How long does it take to become a security guard?

You must complete a 40-hour course of required training….40-Hour Security Guard Training Requirement.

Date of Completion Training Hours Needed
Required within 30 days of guard card approval 16 hours
Required within 6 months of guard card approval 16 hours
Total Hours 40 Hours
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