Why I can never be thankful enough nurses

While browsing through the news like every morning, I came across a testimony moving of a father thanking all these women – and men – engaged in the nursing profession. Executive director, ” Friends of Maddie” , Mike Spohr address an open letter to the nurses due to the long hospitalization of her daughter Maddie.

Today, as I was eating a quick meal in a mexican restaurant, I found myself sitting at the table next to nurses. While they were talking, I found myself rethinking all the nurses to whom my family had had to deal these last years and I felt a deep gratitude for all that these women – and those men, great do for us… “

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About the testimony of Mike Spohr

Testimony that some parents will be able to recognize, where the dedication of these nurses, pediatric intensive care unit is so little spoken of. These anonymous, which spend care of the children of others, who love and care for them each day and sometimes cry when one more child from cursing this time and thinking about the courage that these moms will face.

When I read this article, even if it is aimed at nurses and nurses who work every day, I have not caught it for me, I have not thought of me nursing. I thought of me dad. And it is true that this changes not bad from my point of view and I understand what dad brave, how I réagirai in its place as I am a caregiver ? I think that I will forget quickly about this aspect of me and not be a dad who would be very glad and grateful to know that there are angels anonymous who are there to ensure my little piece.

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Mike Spohr – or other dad in the same case – is not a widower as he has not lost his wife, he is not an orphan because he has not lost his parents, but he has lost his child then that is what it is ?