Why a senior-friendly diet is so important

The physical changes that seniors of the age, are pronounced differently. On the one hand, this depends on the individual way of life and on the other hand, the genetic make-up. Particularly important in this context is the eating habits that have a decisive influence on the health. Age is also body composition, body weight, nutrient and energy change necessary, as well as sensation of Thirst, Kauleistung and gastro-intestinal function – a senior-friendly diet is so relevant.

Warum eine seniorengerechte Ernährung so wichtig ist

Senior-friendly diet helps to stay fit (picture source: Rainer Sturm/

To be able to healthy aging, so it requires a coordinated and well-balanced diet. In the following guest post from care work, the reasons for a senior to be explained close to the diet and make appropriate recommendations summarized:

The demand for energy drops – the nutrient needs of

The demand for energy decreases with advancing age. Older people move less, which is why the muscle shrinks and the basic demand for energy is reduced. The energy demand is reduced from the age of 55. Age dramatically. Many seniors take far more energy than is actually needed. This excessive intake of calories leads inevitably to an increase in the body weight with all the well-known negative consequences for health.

Even if the elderly consume less energy, remains high on the nutritional requirements unchanged. Vitamins, minerals and proteins contribute to the maintenance of a healthy life. Older people who regularly take medications, even recommended a slight increase in the protein intake.

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The diet adapted to the age

In the ideal case, the diet for people aged 50 and over. Age to

  • 55 % to 65 % from carbohydrates,
  • 25 % to 30 % from fats, and to
  • 10 % to 15 % from proteins


The selected food little energy should contain, but many of the nutrients.

A high nutrient density are foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, milk products, whole grain products, potatoes, fish and meat, wherein the fat content must be respected. For fat – and sugar-containing food as well as alcohol to the principle of “in moderation, not in masses”. This, especially in the age of the liver’s ability of alcohol to reduce subsides.

A lot of Protein – low in fat

The daily requirement of Protein is, on average, 70 grams of 15% of the total energy. The Protein should come half from animal foods such as fish, meat or dairy products and the other half potatoes, whole-grain products or legumes.

Per day seniors should not take more than 40 grams of fat and high quality vegetable fats or digestible Butter. What is forgotten in the food planning is the significant fat content of sausage, cheese, chocolate and cake.

The requirement of carbohydrates of at least 250 grams a day by starchy cereals, whole grains, potatoes and vegetables. These foods also contain many ballast substances, which can be among the elderly are a widespread constipation helpful.

Don’t forget: Drink!

It is particularly important to all bodily functions the liquid feed is also for older people. Seniors should drink at least 1.5 liters of water or unsweetened fruit and herbal tea of the day.

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The feeling of thirst diminishes in old age, which is why a drinking-Training is recommended. Here, a filled glass of water is placed in the field of view, so that the Drink can not be forgotten. It is sufficient if at regular intervals, small quantities of liquid to be drunk. This juice is recommended alongside water and tea spritzers. The mineral water non-carbonated water should be favored, since carbonated drinks often cause stomach pain and bloating.

A useful addition to this dairy, of the of the day about half a Liter should be drunk is the fat. Dairy products contain plenty of calcium, maintain bone density, and the removal of bone substance and, therefore, osteoporosis can be prevented.

Spices and herbs for more variety

The age also draws the smell and sense of Taste is affected. Instead of food to salt, therefore more it is more appropriate to the meals with fresh herbs and spices to flavor them. With Paprika, nutmeg, Curry, cumin, cinnamon and pepper only variety comes on the plate, but it is also the appetite and digestion are stimulated secretions.

In addition, high-heeled, celery, Basil, Dill, lemon balm, sage, or Oregano for many dishes give love a “different” flavor. Particularly healthy dishes with garlic and onions, which is due to the essential Oils contained with its anti-inflammatory effects. In the case of salt should be used, however sparingly, to iodized salt. Another important supplier of Iodine is the fresh fish.

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Smaller meals prefer in the context of a senior-friendly diet

Instead of the mandatory three large meals a day ofmals five to six small “Snacks for seniors” more digestible. Through the regular and not-so-stressful meals of the Insulin metabolism, and the digestive tract is relieved. The distribution of meals throughout the day contributes to the fact that cravings occur less often and at the same time, both the performance as well as the concentration will remain intact. Not least of all, a number of smaller meals provide a structured daily routine.

If Chewing and Swallowing is difficult

If Chewing and Swallowing difficulties, can be recycled, the food for relief. Vegetables and fruit can be used raw in geraffelter or pressed, and cooked in pureed Form to prepare. About suitable products and tools you can find in our category products for the Elderly.

Potato puree is an adequate replacement for salt, or potatoes, while whole-grain flake products as porridge, in soup form, as a Breakfast or kibbled can be prepared in casseroles. Many of the softer breads will also be available with a high whole grain content. Milk is not tolerated, can be avoided on thick milk, butter milk, yogurt, cheese or Kefir, to make their slightly laxative effect advantage.

In the end, a varied diet is also important for seniors is the best guarantee to take all the needed nutrients in sufficient quantity.

A senior-friendly diet is also an essential task in the context of a 24 hours Care, for example. by Polish nurses. A meal Plan can be adapted in the course of its individual.